The Fabulous Life Of A Professional Soccer Bettor

professional soccer bettor (J.K. Diego)

Subject: The Inside Story of being a Professional Soccer Bettor…

You have heard about me.

You have read about me.

There’s a reason why up till today –

  • 220,000+ people have read this blog.
  • 10,000+ subscribe to my email newsletter (which you can do so in the box below this blog post).
  • And my new Telegram channel set up just months ago will be reaching 1,000 soon.

I’m the guy with almost a decade of experience in soccer betting. Most importantly, I’ve been doing it full-time for the past 3 years with 6-figures net profits annually.

Think “pro gambler” and your mind conjures up images of Dan Bilzerian. Making a million dollar from a night of playing poker. The lavish playboy lifestyle with tons of beautiful models, recreational drugs, and semi-automatic firearms.

In reality, it’s more like being a highly-paid bum. What else do you call someone whose work consists of lounging around on his smartphone AND earns a large tax-free income from that? Ha-ha. You probably spend more time on Instagram liking photos of sexy models than I do on my so-called “job”.

As the Pioneer of Draw Betting (and overall Wolf of Soccer Betting) – I’m here to tell the truth about The Fabulous Life of a Professional Gambler (from the point-of-view of a successful soccer bettor)

After all, who else better to tell this tale than the “top football tipster in the world”, as many people call me. Like Taylor Swift once sang: at least that’s what people say… mmm-mmm… that’s what people say…

I’m recognized among the best of the best. BUT! Cracking the code and reaching the top didn’t come easy. They have now inducted me into the Hall-of-Fame (click image below to enlarge if you need to).

verified best football tipster
at least that’s what people say, that’s what people say…

Top 5 Lifestyle Benefits of being a Professional Gambler

Time Freedom

I’m grateful for the fact that I have the freedom to spend my time however I want. This means having more time to work on other personal goals and taking proper care of my health. In other words, money isn’t for money’s sake. Money is just a tool to buy time.

This will mean different things for different people. Maybe for you it’s to spend more time with your loved ones, devote yourself to charitable work, or pick up a new hobby that you’ve always wanted.

Material Freedom/Abundance

I still remember the times when I had to check my bank balance to ensure I could last the month. These days, I never look at price tags or the price column on restaurant menus anymore. When you’re financially abundant, you won’t even blink when making high-ticket purchases.

To be honest, the best things you can buy are not even the luxury crap. It’s the peace of mind that you would be able to afford the best medical care when you need it (now or in future).

Location Independence

If travel is on your bucket list, don’t wait till you’re retired at 65 (or 75, or 85). Do it while you’ve the energy to enjoy the world. As a pro soccer bettor, all I need is a smartphone with internet connection. I can be anywhere in this world. I can grab my passport and board a last minute flight anytime I want.

The downside is that your friends will soon realize they have to start making appointments 1 month in advance with you since you’re always not around.

No Boss. No 9-to-5 Bullshit. DO WHAT YOU WANT!

Self-explanatory. I never had a boss and never will. No thanks!

As a bonus, you will also enjoy real freedom of speech (a.k.a. freedom to offend) which is getting increasingly rare in today’s politically correct era. I really enjoy this benefit of being a self-made man. As long as you work for a corporation (or worse, the government), you’re never a free man since anything you say on social media can be used against you 20 years later to destroy your career.

I can wear a Trump MAGA Hat or be a raving socialist like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Nobody can touch me since I don’t work in a cubicle, wearing a noose around my neck, and nodding my head like a yes-man. Being able to say and do whatever the fuck you want – that’s worth a million bucks on its own.

Unique Social Status

People are usually in disbelief when you tell them what you do for a living. VERY FEW people on this planet will be able to explain this point to you since very few people are actually successful professional bettors. You really think those jokers trying to sell you “fixed” matches for 20 bucks are legitimate pro gamblers? Ha-ha-ha.

But those of us in the inner circle who know the real deal… The intrigue, curiosity, and fascination you garner from others is the closest you can get to being a real life James Bond.

Use it to your advantage however you want.

How to have a taste of the Professional Soccer Bettor life
(Bet Like A Pro With Team Diego)

So you wanna be a pro soccer bettor too? To be clear – you can join the elite Team Diego here – but only if you fulfill two key criteria:

  1. You must have guts and balls of steel
  2. You must have a healthy bankroll

Here’s the secret to be as successful as Liam Neeson. Let me explain…

In betting, specialization is the key to success. Have you seen the movie Taken? Liam Neeson has “a very particular set of skills”.

That is exactly what I do. I don’t claim to be an expert in every area of soccer betting. I’ve literally focused on and honed ONE SINGLE SKILL over many, many years – which is DRAWS IN SOCCER (make sure you’ve read the linked article to understand our betting system & what you’re getting yourself into before joining us).

This very specific skill I acquired over a very long career makes me a nightmare for the bookies.

Don’t worry, we don’t go around murdering bookies in the literal sense (like what Liam would do, lol). We just use some good old data analytics combined with mathematics to beat the odds and live a fabulous life. See you on the other side.

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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  1. How much profit u think i can get a year with 300$ bets and cashing out at min 85? iam gonna join u but i cant decide what system i gonna do…

    • Check telegram. $1962 profit last month with $100 Flat Stakes (without cashing out). $300 bets means profit also multiplied by 3.

      Cashing out generally yields higher profits as well.

      • Okey thanks for answer 🙂 either that system or go with 50$ first bet with increase 1.5 stake. u think a bankroll with 12,300$ is enough for 50$ first bet? and how much profit u think i can get a year? although iam afraid of many losses in a row but i can afford 2x 10 losses.

        • Hey Diego i have been following you for couple of months and I cant wait to join u! 15 May Iam ready to shoot😀 keep up The good work! Cya soon bother u are my last hope Iam in depth.. Need Every penny i can get so ill put The faith in you.

          Kind regards

  2. Hey Diego! Iam ready to join The team when football starts again😊
    I was wondering if u think it works with increase system and cashing out at min 85 if The match is drawing? It would help for long losses to. Think its decent profit if ill combine these to? I know you busy but would love to know.
    Kind regards

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