Team Diego Contributes $2,020 To Children’s Cancer Charity To Kick Off Year 2020

2021 UPDATE: I’ve personally decided to turn year-end donations into a tradition so here’s a $10,000 (Singapore Dollars) donation to kick off 2021, especially when so many charities have been rattled by Covid in the past year.

If you’ve been following our Telegram Channel for the past few months, you would have learned about our EPL Prediction Contest.

So far we have organized 3 of these contests which are entirely free to enter and all prize monies come directly out of my own pocket. I’ve never talked about the contests on this blog before, so only those in the Telegram Channel would know about it (as a way of saying thank you for being my most loyal stalkers).

You can learn more about our contest at this page.

For our third round, we recently organized a special Christmas/Boxing Day Edition where the prize money was increased from the usual 100 USD to 1,000 USD (just for the festive season!)

In addition, we also added a charitable component since it’s the season of giving and I personally believe in giving back if we can. Thus, I announced that we will donate 10 USD for every entry we received.

A huge THANK YOU to each and every one of our 133 participants.

As promised – besides sending $1,000 to our contest winner, we had to contribute $1,330 to charity. I’ve converted this amount in US Dollar to 1,800 Singapore Dollar. Since I wanted a meaningful number, I’ve also topped up $220 to make it a nice auspicious figure – $2,020 for the Year 2020.

Our selected charity was my local Children’s Cancer Foundation.

team diego charity donation
Our little contribution on behalf of everyone 🙂

What went on in 2019?

This past year in 2019, Team Diego has accelerated and exploded beyond all our expectations:

1) We only set up our Telegram Channel in the month of February (and are currently at 1200+ subscribers in less than a year).

2) New members from literally all over the world are joining the legendary Team Diego Draw Betting Program run by the Pioneer of Draw Betting (aka me) every single day.
(That’s why I’m SUPER BUSY if you’re wondering why there has been barely any new blog articles)

3) An unbelievable 220,000+ people have come across this little blog in the past year.

4) Our draw picks have also been independently verified by 3rd party reviewers as we struggle with a crazy amount of copycats and fake “draw experts” out there. We’re pleased that independent reviewers have rated us as one of the best football betting systems on the planet.

5) It has been ten years since I got into soccer betting. And 2019 was the 3rd full year of being profitable and making a full-time living since finally cracking the code. Every day I wake up and it still feels like a dream. Earning a 6-figure location-independent income from soccer betting? I count my blessings.

Personal note

On a personal note, my horrible hand eczema (which I talked about here) has been better than ever before. At the very least I can shake hands like a normal human being and wash my hands without screaming bloody murder.

In 2020, I’d have to pay more attention to my health and fitness (goal is always to look and feel better as you get older while everyone else goes the opposite direction).

The negative aspect last year was that I could feel my eyesight getting weaker. I need to spend less time staring at my phone/laptop, and more time outdoors letting natural sunlight into my eyes. Money can wait…

Looking ahead to 2020 (new decade)

To all of you reading this, I wish you a happy new year and a brand new decade. I hope you continue to enjoy great health and tremendous wealth.

More importantly, let’s make this coming decade the GREATEST DECADE OF YOUR LIFE.

Watch the video below to listen to my 2020 Message.

P/S: For newer readers, you may learn all about Team Diego’s Draw Betting Program here.

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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