Who Is JK Diego?

JK Diego is a professional soccer bettor, most well known for being the Pioneer of Draw Betting in the football betting industry.

Born in 1992, Diego is one of the most internationally renowned soccer betting tipsters. The critically acclaimed “Team Diego” comprises members who make as much as six-figure profits with Diego’s daily draw picks.

“King of Draws” – Team Diego Official Team Song

JK Diego – The Man, The Myth, The Gambling Legend

From a young age, Diego has shown a rare penchant for analyzing football matches. With a natural flair for mathematics – combined with his strong background in data science, predictive modeling, and statistical analysis – Diego was already showing an aptitude for soccer betting in his teenage years.

Then still in high school and underage, Diego had to enlist the help of older family members to place bets at the local bookmaker outlets. Once he turned 18 and legally allowed to bet, Diego could finally take his interest in betting to the next level.

With an IQ score of 160, JK Diego is comfortably within the upper crust of highly intelligent and gifted people.

When he graduated with a social science degree from one of the World’s Top 20 Universities, Diego did not bother collecting his degree scroll as he already knew he had a much better way of making a living than the traditional route. He has been a full-time professional bettor ever since.

As a Libertarian and free-market capitalist, Diego has previously enjoyed tremendous success in several businesses, including a fashion brand. Despite this, his biggest passion has always been beating the bookies at their own game.

In the early days, Diego was casually giving out draw picks on social media. Friends and followers soon urged him to take this little hobby more seriously and he began providing his now-famous draw betting service to a select group of serious bettors who are often high rollers.

Since starting this blog, Diego has become synonymous with the leading expert in soccer draws. Naturally, betting on draws is where the majority of his income is derived from today.

JK Diego – Notable Feats

In the year 2016, against all odds, Diego was one of the very few pundits in the world to correctly predict the results of both the Brexit Referendum in the United Kingdom and Donald J. Trump’s election in the United States.

The key to these two feats was integrating a deep understanding of human psychology into the reading of raw mathematical data.

Not surprisingly, this skill-set is precisely how Diego brings in multiple six-figure net profits annually from his soccer draw betting system.

As of 2019, this blog is being read by more than 220,000 people every year.

As of 2020, Diego’s shrewd and astute investment management has seen his cryptocurrency portfolio return close to seven-figures in just over 3 years.

Further Reading

These days, Diego spends his time exploring the best spa & massage places, sipping Margarita on his favorite beach resorts, and even modelling for fun.

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