Get Rich Soccer Betting: How To Make $100,000 A Year Betting On Draws

Get Rich Soccer Betting: The No BS Way

How We Won $100,000 In One Year – The Ultimate Guide to Draw Betting in Soccer Games

get rich betting draws

Updated: 2022

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My name is J.K. Diego, and I am 30 years old (this year in 2022).

Life these days is pretty good. I can finally live the life of my dreams. No job, no boss, no debt.

My lifestyle consists of a location-independent “job” of full-time soccer betting. I prefer not to have a permanent home or country. Living in any one place for too long eventually gets boring. Thankfully I can pack up and move to a new Airbnb apartment anytime I feel like it.

You can say that I have soccer betting to thank. It wasn’t always like that. I’ve gone through my share of ups and downs – and many devastating losses since I embarked on this journey more than 8 years ago. It look many years of experimentation and rigorous study before I developed a system to beat the bookies.

In November 2022, I was even featured on the International Business Times for my views and predictions on the World Cup that year.

Since I started sharing my system publicly under Team Diego in 2016, I’ve received hundreds of emails from frustrated soccer bettors like you. People who are on the brink of giving up. Trust me when I say I know the feeling of helplessness, that feeling when you think “I will never be able to win the bookies”.

Over the years, I’ve taken on some of you under my wing and taught you my system. The results have been remarkable. Recently, one of my clients mentioned to me (almost nonchalantly) that he calculated his soccer betting profits over the past 12 months, and the final tally was an astonishing $100,000!! (total net profits over a period of one year)

I knew he was making good money every month (since I’m the man who research and supply the betting tips), but I didn’t realize he was making THAT MUCH, to be honest. And guess what, all he does is spend 15 minutes a day placing bets from his mobile phone, that’s all!

DISCLAIMER: This guy is a long-time member of Team Diego, and has a very big bankroll that allows him to place bets starting from $100. The majority of members on our team usually start with $20 bets, and make around $2,000 in net profits a month.

Video Explainer (How To Bet On Draws in 2022)

The video above serves as a supplement to the rest of this blog article (which was written all the way back in 2018).

Not everything in the video is contained in this article, and vice versa. You may choose to watch the video first, or just finish reading the rest of this blog post before coming back to watch the video. 🙂

Real Life Testimonials (TEAM DIEGO)

Here’s just a small portion of the messages I receive every day.

One of my Australian members who has been with us since October 2017. We have promised to meet up and hang out when I next visit Down Under!

One of our Canadian members. To be honest before I started Team Diego, I never knew soccer (and soccer betting) was SO popular in Canada.

get rich soccer betting

Nigerian member. Very nice guy, good honest guy.

best way to beat the bookies

I love all my members. They are great clients to have.

I’ll throw in a few more at the end of this post. Way too many WhatsApp messages to ever finish uploading.

Our Draw Betting System

(the only way to beat the bookies at soccer betting)

After almost a decade of studying, researching, and analyzing soccer betting, I came to one conclusion:

The ONLY way to beat the bookies at soccer betting is to BET ON DRAWS!

If you want to bet on other things, sure, you may get lucky and be profitable for a week or even a month. But if you want a LONG TERM, SUSTAINABLE, AND SYSTEMATIC way of betting, because you actually want to get rich doing soccer betting, then keep reading.

Why bet on draws? I’ve discussed this topic many times on this blog, but instead of going into detail on why the betting markets are inefficient at pricing draws, let me just quote something from one of the wealthiest self-made men in American history.

J. Paul Getty once said, “If you want to be successful, look at what everyone else is doing, and do something different.”

By the same measure, J.K. Diego is telling you, “The average person either bets on the favorites or the underdogs. Nobody likes betting on draws. That’s where the money lies.”

Due to the high odds on draws (above 3.00), we can use draw bets as the basis of the Increasing Stake Betting System I developed. This wouldn’t work with other kinds of bets. In any case, I have utilized my long years of experience to build an incredible mathematical system that specializes in predicting soccer draws.

I don’t claim to be an expert in anything else, only in draws.

Team Diego’s Latest Betting History

At the beginning of this blog post, I mentioned that one of my members told me he has made over $100,000 in net profits over the past 1 year.

That conversation actually spurred me to crunch some numbers and data with our latest betting history. From January to June this year, we had…

230 draws from 538 picks (43% winning rate)

That works out to an average of 90 picks that I send a month (3 a day), of which we win about 38 draws.

The average odds of my draw picks is 3.15.

I calculated the total net profits over the past 6 months: For the average member of our team who has a modest bankroll, starts with $20 bets AND follows our Increasing Stake Method, he would have earned $10,628.26. That works out to an average of $1,771 net profit a month.

Unlike all the other tipsters in the sports betting industry who don’t even dare to show their face, everyone here knows how I look like. Now you can also see for yourself our amazing track record and EXACTLY how a typical month of betting with Team Diego is like.

Just enter your email at the end of this article to subscribe to this blog and receive the spreadsheet showcasing our historical performance with over a thousand games! (IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our latest results can always be found on Telegram – we post them up every month on our Telegram Channel here)

Normal Betting Vs. Increasing Stake Method

Now that I’ve laid down the profit expectation, let me explain the 2 ways you can go about betting on draws.

As you can see, I am an expert at picking draws in soccer matches. Mind you, I spent years studying nothing but draws. Number crunching, statistical data analysis, countless hours spent getting better at this. I can safely say I’m the best on this planet at predicting draws. I’ve mastered the art and science of this.

Given that the average odds of my draw picks is in the range of 3.00 to 3.20, you CAN be profitable just by betting an equal stake on all my picks. At my 43% winning rate, you will earn about 33% ROI (return on investment).

Quick illustration: You bet 90 units (1 unit on each of the 90 picks I send over one month). You win 38 of them at average odds 3.15 (according to my data), thus getting back 119.7 units. That’s a return of +33%, which is fantastic! Very impressive…


We at Team Diego are people with BIG BALLS and we are only interested in HUGE PROFITS. (Please don’t join my team if you don’t meet the criteria.)

Enter the Increasing Stake Method

Here’s the fun part, so listen up. I’m going to describe the Increasing Stake Method that we all use.

This is what an average bettor in our team does: for someone with a small to moderate bankroll, he starts with $20 bets.

1. Place a $20 bet on DRAW (odds are about 3.00+ on average)

2a. If you won the bet, good. Repeat Step 1 for the next game.

2b. If you lost the bet, multiply your stake by 1.5 (so in this case, you will bet [$20 X 1.5] = $30 on DRAW for the next game). Keep doing this (increasing your betting amount by 1.5X if you lose), until you win a DRAW.

3. Once you have won the bet, return to your lowest betting amount for the following game (in this case you start betting $20 again).

The Increasing Stake Method is an absolute GAME-CHANGER. It elevates your monthly profits from “Not bad” to “GREAT”. This is the preferred method that all long-term members of my team use.

If you want to increase your bankroll fast, and eventually get to a point where you can also be making $100,000+ a year, this is the way to go.

Again, this method is NOT for the fainthearted, so only apply to join Team Diego if you’re sure you have the guts AND the proper bankroll to withstand long periods of consecutive losses.

My daily picks are designed to be compatible with the Increasing Stake Method. Thus you will observe from my picks that if we have 4 games today, all will start at different timings (since you need to wait for each game to end before knowing how much to stake on the next game).


1A. CASH-OUT OPTION. If you do not have sufficient bankroll to withstand long consecutive streaks of losses, you should make use of the cash-out option that bookmakers provide. Since late goals are common in soccer, you can always choose to cash-out your winnings, e.g. in the 85th minute, to secure a game that is currently in a tie but a late goal is likely. How do you tell if a late goal might happen? One way is to observe the in-play Live Odds for hints.

In short, cash-out option can be very useful if you have gone on a few consecutive losses, and want a win to “reset” to your lowest stake.

I’ve noticed that cashing out at 85th minute (if the game is currently drawing) can give you as much as an additional 10-20 draws a month!

1B. STOP-LOSS OPTION. While cashing out by itself will go a long way towards reducing bad runs of consecutive losses — another method you may wish to use to deal with “bad runs” is to have some kind of stop-loss. This is if you don’t have an extremely large bankroll like myself or some of our Team Diego members.

Since we only go on a bad run of 10 or more losses once or twice a year on average, you may have a staking plan where you stop increasing your stakes after the 10th loss.

E.g. $20 – $30 – $45 – $68 – $102 – $153 – $230 – $345 – $518 – $777 – $777 – $777…

After the 10th loss, you remain on the same stake until you get the draw (before resetting to $20 as usual). As an example, if we finally won on the 13th bet at the odds of 3.00, you’d absorb a net loss of about 2.2k for this entire series of 13 games.

Why does this not matter? Because in the grand scheme of things, we make around $20,000 – $22,000 a year in net profit. This allows us to absorb a 2 to 3k loss once in a while while still remaining profitable in the long term.

Implementing a stop-loss helps to keep your stakes manageable. I consider stop-loss optional but some of you may benefit from this tactic.

2. BOOKMAKERS. In order to bet each game with the highest possible odds, just sign up for every betting site you can. I make it easy for our members by sending my daily picks together with each game’s link. You can easily click on “ODDS COMPARISON”, and under “1X2 ODDS”, look at the middle column to instantly see which bookmaker is having the highest odds for that game.

3. DAILY PICKS are sent via Telegram, a free messaging app you can download on your phone.

(With effect from August 2020, we have shifted from WhatsApp to Telegram due to our ever-growing membership base.)

4. TEAM DIEGO SUBSCRIPTION FEES. The cost for a monthly subscription is 497 USD.

5. PAYMENT METHODS. PayPal or Debit/Credit cards.

6. HOW TO JOIN? Get immediate access by signing up at this page here.

Final Words

(In one full year of betting, our average member makes a net profit of over $22,000 – as illustrated here)

We literally have members from every single continent of Planet Earth in Team Diego. It’s a beautiful thing. I will end this post with some clever insights from the guys who have experienced what it’s like to beat the bookies.

how to get rich with football betting

This member from the USA makes a great point about how reasonable my subscription fees actually are!

get rich draw betting

Asian member living in Sweden who loves our AMAZING betting system.

life changing soccer betting

To many of our members, the work we do is LIFE-CHANGING!

football betting system

40-year-old Brazilian friend who first learned about betting on draws from me in September 2017. Just exchanging a little banter – he doesn’t understand the meaning of “trolling”. But he sure understands why he trusts Team Diego!

Welcome to the highest-earning soccer betting team in the world. Have fun and talk soon.

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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  1. Hi Diego,

    For your past experience, how many game should one have for margin in case a period of losses occur? Do you think that having a bankroll thats capable of handling 11 losses in a row is a good one?

    THank you in advance for you great insights!

    • That’s a nice bankroll to have. If you haven’t already, you could sign up for my mailing list with your email to receive a copy of our Jan to June 2018 performance.

      Let me know if you would be joining us, Dean!

      • Thanks for the reply J.K.

        Do you recall what was the worst series of losses that you had using your method, in terms of consecutive matches?

        • As previously mentioned, you could sign up for my mailing list with your email to receive a copy of our Jan to June 2018 performance.

          All I can say is: as we gain more experience at doing this (predicting draws), the better we become. It’s been 2 years since I’ve started betting on draws, you can imagine the worst run of losses nowadays is much shorter than 2 years ago. And it will definitely be even shorter next year, and so on.

        • Diego i want to ask a question.if there are 3 or 4 games playing in your pick what does one have to do ?

          • You literally didn’t read the article that you are commenting on.

            My picks won’t kick off at the same time because I use the Increasing Stake System.

      • Hello diego…

        Can i have your archive in 2018 by email?
        Or can u screenshot your tips that u sent to your client by whattsapp for just a month like feb 1st until feb 28th 2018 (or whatever month u like) & send it to me?
        In 2 weeks or a month ahead when my bankroll is enough i would like to subscribe your tips.

        • Sign up to the mailing list and you will get it. There is a form below every blog post.

        • What about betting on the btts an win? Odds for that are between 4.5 – 6. And teams in high scoring leagues (Germany, Netherlands) get at least 50% of their wins while conceding as well. Just a thought. Let me know what you think.

          • If you want to make real money, bet on draws.

            If you just wanna find the weirdest things to bet, do whatever you wish.

    • As for me i will truly want to joint your term but the money, $497 converted to my local currency which Naira is about #189,000 +$20 is about #200’000 in total considering my position for to get that can.of money may take me 3yers of active saving to have such money please is there any way you can help? Nigeria

  2. If maybe we could get freetips, things that would have helped a lot during the world Cup. I would like to vip membership into the vip group.I would love to belive your system works.
    There is a possibility to have free tipps and if i see how your system works,we will think about our joint vip groups and joint relationship in the long run, long time.

    • No.

      Watch what I say in this video.


      To everyone else: The above comment is a classic example of how to get your message ignored. Messages containing the word “free” in them won’t even be read. Don’t insult my entire team of paying clients!

  3. hello jk diego…if i purchased your ebook, will i get a lifetime access of the games you play as well? i dont really trust myself and i want to put my FULL TRUST IN YOU instead…

    • As clearly laid out in this blog post, my picks cost $497 a month. Very reasonable pricing considering:

      1) I send out about ~100 picks every month, so that’s $5 per pick which takes many hours of in-depth research and analysis.

      2) My average client makes $2,000 – $4,000 a month in net profits, while top-earning clients (with the biggest bankrolls) make anywhere from $8,000 – $10,000 every month.

      3) Team Diego is growing so fast – there are new members joining every day from all over the world. I’m sure we must be doing something right.

  4. I want to win am new here my whatsapp number 09062716404

  5. Hi Diego!
    I’m thinking of starting with a bankroll that can cover 9 losses max.
    Do you advise that?

    Please respond so I can work on signing up with you.
    Thank you.

  6. Team jkdgo I appreciate you for viewing your post became so convince and confirm that u are a true bettor ..i will love to be under your union . ij have been spending my money in all kind of betting styles and at the end .one will curt me off .Now I think I will try to suscribe with uh and follow up cos I want to invest big everyday .Thanks

  7. Hi Diego,
    When i eventually join your team because i definitely will soonest, how do i get the daily picks sent to me? Also considering the fact that some games/leagues do not feature on some betting sites, how do i ensure that games released for each day is featured on the betting site I’m signed on to? I’m from Nigeria. Thank you.

  8. I like your system a lot because the results speaks for itself. You deliver tons of profit consistently each month. I am still raising funds so that I can buy your product.


  9. At first I was skeptical when I came across this blog/website but I decided to check it out because I have been loosing money on football betting….

    But now, everything is totally different because of his green tips. Is so awesome and full of talent


  10. J.K the Don. Let me just say in modest terms that your draw picks and unique betting system- The Increasing Bet Method- is the most revolutionary idea I came across this year. The genius thinking behind it is totally mind blowing, and humbling too.
    Huge thumbs up to you and keep the jet flying!


  11. Chukwunonso Madumelu

    Hi Diego, just like many others i was skeptical initially but one thing i noticed that boosted my confidence was the systematic approach to your winning strategy. I’ve learnt over the years that workable systems and structures determine the success of most organisations. Your systematic approach is a no brainer! I have long stopped betting blindly and foolishly with other tipsters no matter how profitable the chances look. Hopefully by the end of December i would have saved up enough bankroll to get on board. You’re simply a genius!


  12. Hey Diego. Here’s my story, before and after having found your website:
    – Entered the betting world April this year (got a late start), joined a VIP group from Portugal with a bankroll of 100€, and never ever been over or even matched the starting bankroll value. It went downhill always. Started looking for some strategies that worked, tipsters, came up with a couple of them myself, even tried betting on a draw system, but never got the results i wanted, meaning i would win sometimes, but afterwards, all the profit and some more would be gone. But it was that draw system i tried to come up with that got me here to your website.
    – After finding out your website, i followed your guidelines, and since 3rd November, just by following your free guidelines, i can say i already cashed in a profit of over 150€. And i wasnt even betting everyday. Since i have a smaller bankroll, i couldnt follow your stakes (20$, 30$, 45$), but i followed the same strategy – 2€, 3€, 4,5€, 6,8€… and so on. Weekends are the toughest, loads of matches to pick from, and hard to stick to 1 match every 2h (went greedy the first weekend i was running your strategy, picked 5 matches at one, and i got lucky, cause 2 ended in a draw, making me not loose money – made a 0,5€ profit or something. It also happened because i was on a dryspell run as well, next bet was 75€ and i gave in to the emotions – balls of steel since :p).
    Anyway, same as Tommy did, cant afford joinning Team Diego yet (and add another Portuguese to the list), since bankroll is not high enough, but i will get there 🙂 Also, will be purchasing your e-book today, because i do want to try and improve my pick selection. On the website section, ill drop you my betting history since i started using your method.
    You sir, are a genious, and making me a winner as well 🙂


  13. The thing I like most about your strategy,it forces someone to b patience and able to manage his bank roll well.Before I came to know about your blog I used to bet on all the markets.To be honest I used to have good running streak but some how I used to lose everything in the end.Am saving money so that I can join your daily picks in the future.In the mean time am trying it on my own and am seeing some progress.


  14. Well you gave me a new insight on betting and hell yeah i am with you..only wished i new early now i have to wait for money to start ,hopefully ending this year


  15. I just need this days! I already have a small bankroll so this will be epic! A little more a boom, lets make it baby!


  16. Amazing news! your team is awesome! Great job guys. Make people happy giving them money to live happily! *clap clap*


  17. I honestly like your “thinking.” What interests me mainly, is there any relationship/correlation whatsoever between the probability of a draw occurring & the probability of under 2,5 goals. I understand to some extent the logic that the lower the goal expectancy the easier an exit strategy exists in terms of live betting. I just cannot see any mathematical relationship whatsoever between the 2, i certainly would be swayed if i saw some statistical proof.

    The other point the staking system seems to create a culture of discipline. Another way – just my own thinking – is to take an 11 game in tranche & stake a level amount (LSP) and try get 4 out of 11 wins which will give you a positive EV. And maybe if the EV is negative for the first 11 games you then increase your stake 1,5 times for the next 11 games in the second tranche.
    This would allow you to play various matches simultaneously, sometimes there are more than 1 match that appears lucrative. I also think wins & losses cluster together & there is always a risk of a long losing streak occurring. The path to ruin is a very scarce route, but you can go down it. What i do like about the logic if you use the live betting you can mitigate your potential loss late in the game.

    Kudos to JK Diego for sharing his thoughts.

  18. Since I Subscribed To Jk’s Mail List, I’ve Learnt A Lot. Including The Increasing Stake By 1.5 When You Record A Loss. For Me, That’s A Suberb Strategy… Thank You JK for The Free Tips From Time To Time. One Day, I Hope I’d Be Boxed Enough To Fully Subscribe To Your Picks. Thanks Once Again.
    #ThanksGiving !!!

  19. Diego thanks for your system, guidance and everything!

    Have been a subscriber for the past 4 months and I still read every new article you post.

    $8,500+ in net profits and counting! 🙂

  20. Hi J.K.

    And thak you so much for your amazing free tips that you send.
    I`m a ver old man,and I really appreciate the tips I receive from you.
    I have lost a lot of money in the past,but you will resist me with your
    various suggestions.
    This morning I wold send this email and thank you and saying that I long
    for your next email. – And the suggestions came quickly -:).
    What a coincidence !
    Many thanks again.

    Regards from Sweden

  21. Please, do you accept Skrill as a means of payment? If yes, kindly let me know. I’m from Ghana.

    • Nope. I only accept Paypal, Credit/Debit Card, or Bitcoin – these 3 options are more than enough for anyone.

      Drop me an email using the contact form here if you want to make payment.

  22. Hello Diego,
    I’ve been following your mails sometime now.
    About your payment methods,would you accept Western Union or Money gram transfers.

  23. Damn so many foreigners , I’ve been on off your blog for year or two now I’m from California , if I have no clue about general soccer and betting is that ok? I’m interested in joining your program in a month or so for sure at least to try out

  24. Hi Diego,

    What if one subscribe for a day and the outcome is not favorable, will you replace it?

    • I’ve had hundreds of clients since 2016 and nobody ever chose to subscribe for a day.

      • I sincerely do not have money now, but will like to start small by subscribing a daily tips till I make money to move to monthly subscription. Please will it be replaced if the tip fail? Also how many odd in a tip?

        • You are asking questions that show you have not read the blog nor subscribed to the email list.

          I literally wrote in this very blog post: “The average odds of my draw picks is 3.15.”

          I also have 1,118 games listed in the 2018 draw betting record with the odds of every game and you are asking me “how many odd”?

          Don’t waste my time here. Go home and take an IQ test.

          • Diego, I don’t think asking questions should make me look stupid, you maybe right that I did not read through to see the odd, that did not warrant you to be insaltive by asking me to do IQ test. Initially you responded that non of your client has ever subscribed for daily, why then did state that in your site if does not exist? Just remember that all your fingers are not equal. Just grow up and learn how to communicate with different types of individuals.

          • So sorry for being insaltive. I will be more saltive in future.

  25. hello, i came across your website by mistake,
    i love betting, what about your system and draws?
    is there any free 1 month trial ?

    thank you

  26. Hi,
    I’d like to receive info about the 2018 stats of your system
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  27. Good job on your system 🙂

    • Yes, the most effective system ever developed. Cheers 🙂

      BTW – I see in my records that you are NOT properly subscribed to my Email List yet. You need to find the confirmation email and double confirm your subscription.

  28. Starting to bet on draws

  29. Emmanuel Chiadikobi

    I wish to join your e-mailing list. Thanks.

    • Then enter your email address and join. Do you need me to spoonfeed you? Are you a child?

  30. i want to know more about your result

    • Are you trying to tell the world that you can’t read or understand English/this blog post? LOL

  31. Hi diego,

    Some of the comments here are hilarious haha.

    Anyway, this is definitely the best system I’ve ever followed. Started with $40 initial stake and made nearly $5,000 of profit over the past month.

    Here’s to more great months ahead! Cheers mate!

  32. Hey Diego,
    how do i join the group? reply asap

  33. hello there,
    could you please send me the 2018 betting history, to see how it works? I am planning to make a start with your system.
    thanks in advance

    • Sign up to the mailing list and you will get it. There is a form below every blog post.

  34. This Great Man

  35. Hello Diego, I want to join your team and am a student

  36. awesome!
    can i please recieve the stats for last please? am in!

  37. Hello! I ticked the “sign up to our newsletter!” option. I would like to receive the stats for your betting history. Thanks!

  38. I am a member of your telegram platform. You used to update us about your performance on daily bases but not anymore. Is it the reason because you are having a losing months?

    You are doing a great job and anyone who’s into sport betting investments should know losing months are inevitable but the performance of a tipster yearly is what count.

    • I personally never had a losing month with the Increasing Stake System.

      Flat stakes run the risk of “losing” in the short term, but as you said in the long run is still profitable.

      Will post update on telegram for October results after this month. Life is too good, I’m personally on track to make $150,000 net profit for 2019 if final 2 months of the year go well.

      Just slowing down and enjoying life as I don’t need to be on telegram promoting my results all day (that’s what my copycats Fake Gurus do, since they’re desperate for customers to buy their shit picks).

  39. “TEAM DIEGO”
    Greetings team Diego, am highly interested in joining to receive the daily predictions.

    Kindly drop me a link on on my e-mail to process payment with immediate effect.

    If you cold also be kind enough to share with me some the recently shared draws, I will appreciate.

  40. What would be your recommended starting bankroll and what is your longest ever losing streak with the 85+ cash out incorporated? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work you put in everyday bro!

    • Jack – Most people who join us have large bankrolls that allow them to withstand up to 13 losses. Otherwise you could consider $100 Flat Stakes (as shown on telegram channel updates it can be decently profitable as well)

  41. 1 week consulting
    Preferred payment method – Skrill

  42. Hi. I would like to receive your stats, please.

    Thanks in advance

  43. I love your stuff how do I make payment and can I pay through Western Union or MoneyGram.
    Whats your subscription like?

  44. Hello Diego, thank you for your efforts here.
    Question, do you still give tips this period while a lot of European matches are postponed due to Corona virus?
    I am asking because I would like to try out your services for a week initially but if there are no matches…

  45. iim interested, but how do i get in touch with you?

    • All the necessary info and how to join is literally on the blog.

      You can follow our Telegram, but Diego’s personal time is reserved for paying members.

  46. I am very much interested of your advises you been teaching above.I try them and see does they do work?

  47. [link removed] Is this the part off the same team?? they post exactly the same things as team Diego on the telegram.

  48. pls send previous results

  49. According to what I’ve read am ready to join team Diego and as well join betting game

  50. Hey,
    I am interested in joining up.
    My concern is I cannot stay up thru the night waiting for results as you need to bet until winning right?

  51. thanks for your service. I wil lcheck it

  52. Sir, kindly Please let me see your performance for the last 24 months

    Am ready to join after analysing the performance chart

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