Team Diego Contributes $2,020 To Children’s Cancer Charity To Kick Off Year 2020

If you’ve been following our Telegram Channel for the past few months, you would have learned about our EPL Prediction Contest. So far we have organized 3 of these contests which are entirely free to enter and all prize monies come directly out of my own pocket. I’ve never talked … Continue reading

The Fabulous Life Of A Professional Soccer Bettor

professional soccer bettor (J.K. Diego)

Subject: The Inside Story of being a Professional Soccer Bettor… You have heard about me. You have read about me. There’s a reason why up till today – 220,000+ people have read this blog. 10,000+ subscribe to my email newsletter (which you can do so in the box below this … Continue reading

The Fastest Way To Beat The Bookies (Works Like Magic)

The Fastest Way To Beat The Bookies

This is a quick update blog post for new readers, because there are many of you here. For regular readers and long-time followers, please bear with me. Some of you have been asking for new articles, and my reply to these folks is: Have you already read all the existing … Continue reading

1 Year Of Betting On Draws – $22,000 Net Profits For 2018

increasing stake betting system (team diego a year of betting on draws)

Team Diego 2018 Year-In-Review: 472 Draws Won, Bookies Beaten Subject: How we beat the bookies by betting on draws with the beauty of Team Diego’s Increasing Stake Betting System, and made $22,000 in net profits last year. Back in July 2018, I wrote a very comprehensive blog post about how … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Soccer Betting Strategies (For Serious Bettors)

Best Soccer Betting Strategies (Ultimate Guide)

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Soccer Betting Strategies (For Serious Bettors)Many people who engage in soccer betting like to ask ‘how to win a bet every time’. Unfortunately, that is the wrong question. The correct question is ‘how do I become profitable at soccer betting in the long term’. In … Continue reading

5 Things Living With Chronic Illness Taught Me


Living With Chronic Illness – Five Important Lessons For many years now, I’ve been living with severe hand eczema. This is how my hands look like when they flare up. Living with a chronic illness like this affects every portion of your life. Pain is the default mode of your … Continue reading

5 Best Things To Spend Your Money On (If You Wanna Be Happy)

best things to spend your money on

How To Spend Your Moolah For Maximum Happiness Everyone knows the formula for making more money – just work harder and work smarter. So! You have worked hard and made your dough. But nobody is telling you how to spend those bills wisely. When you spend your hard-earned money on … Continue reading