Elite Investing Club by Diego

“And Now… You Can Invest Like A Self-Made Millionaire”

Ever wanted to copy the successful investing strategies of Elite Investors? 

This might just be what you’re looking for.

You see – For many of the self-made millionaires in the older generation, real estate was where they made their money. For today’s nouveau riche, chances are they made it in stocks and/or crypto.

And that’s exactly the focus of our program. The doors to the Elite Investing Club by Diego have officially opened.

Quick Introduction

  • EIC by Diego is brought to you by the same top brilliant minds behind the legendary J.K. Diego Soccer Draw Betting Program.
  • Program mostly comprises long term buy-and-hold stocks & crypto, using the same principles that made Diego a self-made millionaire in his 20s.
  • We are going to follow the same investing principles that Diego has used throughout his life – which is focusing on quality over quantity, and betting on long-term solid investments with great fundamentals.
  • At the end of the day, how much profit you can make depends on how much you can afford to invest (capital) and how long your investing horizon is (patience). Not how many different types of stocks/crypto you can buy. Neither is it how many meme stocks/crypto you can FOMO into.
  • Our goal is for our overall portfolio to beat the market, otherwise you’re better off just buying index funds. We do this while recommending quality investments, so we can all sleep soundly at night.

History & Independently Verified Results

Our results have been independently verified by third party reviewer since we started out as a crypto-only program – see here.

Members who have achieved tremendous profits from our former crypto-only program may follow this new program to diversify some of their profits into our stocks picks.

“But Diego… I’m only interested in your crypto picks. Can I join and only follow the crypto picks?”

Yes, you may do so (and same goes for those who are only interested in our stocks picks). In fact, we have a long waiting list of people wanting to join our crypto program while we were closed to new members. This new program will also be more accessible as the previous program was priced at 0.1 BTC (over $4,000 at today’s price).

I’m really excited – this is the first program in the world to combine stocks & crypto because we believe the future has room for both. I think back to the time when I first started investing and having no clue where to begin or who to trust. THIS is the ultimate program I wish I had when I first began my journey.

Program Outline

What to expect

  • Elite Starter Pack (available immediately upon signing up)
  • Monthly Top Picks – 3 current top picks every month (2 stocks + 1 crypto)

What you need

  • Most stocks are US-listed (any reputable broker will have them)
  • Most crypto can be found on Binance exchange (largest crypto exchange in the world).

Elite Starter Pack

In short, we are picking future trillion-dollar companies & coins here.

We focus on quality over quantity. Here we have a small mix of high quality and high potential stocks & crypto that we strongly believe in and will hold for the next decade with great conviction.

We believe our picks in the Elite Starter Pack have massive potential and these highly promising assets should form the core/foundation of every investor’s portfolio.

Available to you immediately upon joining us.

Note: We regularly review and monitor those companies/coins. If underlying fundamentals turn negative or red flags emerge, we will issue a sell signal.

Monthly Top Picks

The most valuable “BUY NOW!” opportunities currently available in the stock and crypto markets.

These top picks are based on our most up-to-date market research. We aim for 3 solid picks a month (usually 2 stocks + 1 crypto).

For stocks: There will be a focus on technology and healthcare, as we are extremely bullish on these sectors over the coming decade. But we do not limit ourselves in our search, so you can expect a great diversity of stocks from all sectors of the economy.

For crypto: We are on the lookout for promising blockchain projects and crypto assets. While cryptocurrencies are inherently risky and we will expect some hits and some misses – we believe that by recommending quality alt coins, the overall returns will be great over the long term.

How to follow

I’m going to outline 2 different methods of following our program.

The first way is for people who already have a solid initial starting capital ready to invest. This will be used for our Elite Starter Pack, while also investing every month in our Monthly Top Picks.

The second way will be for people who do not have a big starting capital, or simply prefer to gradually increase their holdings.

Either way, this program will benefit you the most if you have regular cash flow/savings in order to follow our Monthly Top Picks.

How to follow – Method 1

We will use the example of Chris to illustrate how someone might allocate his funds.

Chris is ready to invest today. He has about $9,000 in capital. He is also able to save $900 every month from his regular income to invest.

Recommendation for Chris is shown below:

  • $9,000 initial capital into Elite Starter Pack, recommended 2:1 stocks to crypto ratio – ($6,000 split equally among the stocks picks, $3,000 split equally among the crypto picks).
  • $900/month regular cash flow to follow our Monthly Top Picks ($300 into each of the 3 picks).

OPTIONAL: Maintain an additional 2-3 units of cash reserves (in the above example of Chris, 1 unit would be $300) for *short-term speculative* trades that are outside our regular monthly picks (which are usually longer term holds in nature).

An example would be the Novavax trade we issued in our free telegram channel:

How to follow – Method 2

For those who do not have a solid initial capital to put into our Elite Starter Pack immediately upon signing up, you may have half your monthly contributions going to the recommendations in the Elite Starter Pack and the other half going into our Monthly Top Picks.

In other words, you will be slowly accumulating the stocks/crypto in our Elite Starter Pack over a period of at least 12 months.

An example: Daniel plans to set aside $1,200 every month. $600 will go into our Monthly Top Picks (so $200 per pick) while $600 will go into our Elite Starter Pack ($400 split equally among the stocks picks, $200 split equally among the crypto picks).

This way, Daniel gradually accumulates the assets in our Elite Starter Pack through “dollar-cost averaging (DCA)”, following our recommended 2:1 stocks:crypto ratio.

This DCA method would be useful to even out short-term fluctuations in the market, especially if you happen to join us at a time when asset prices are at all-time highs.

As with the example of Chris, Daniel may also wish to have 2-3 units of extra cash reserves set aside for short-term speculative trades. In his case, 1 unit would be $200 as that’s what he usually puts into each of our Monthly Top Picks.

Membership Fee To Join EIC

The joining fee is set at 350 USD a year.

GOOD NEWS: As part of our new launch promotion, you can SAVE $153 today.

The annual fee will be only 197 USD for the first 50 members.

Price will increase after that.

Quick note: Those who know me from our other services know that prices for my programs only go up over time and never down. This is the only logical, fair way as it rewards our early members and followers who support us from the early beginnings, instead of penalizing early sign ups by reducing fees down the road. So, join early to take full advantage!

Free Telegram Channel

Psst… do you know we have a free telegram channel here?

(This is a dedicated investing channel, and is different from our general Team Diego football channel.)


Q1) You recommend allocating our investment capital in a 2:1 ratio for stocks:crypto. What if I want to do 1:1 (i.e. 50/50 equal split)?

That’s not our recommendation, but you may do so if you’ve a higher risk appetite. 

Similarly, there may be people who wish to ONLY follow our stocks (or ONLY crypto) picks. That’s perfectly fine as well.

The purpose of our recommended 2:1 ratio is to achieve a balance between minimizing volatility in the short run and maximizing returns in the long run for our overall portfolio. Our ultimate goal is to beat the market over the long term (i.e. S&P 500).

Q2) Why are you running this program when you’re already a millionaire?

Because I like money. The more, the better. My personal goal is to hit 8-figures in liquid net worth (i.e. $10 million) in my 30s (before my 40th birthday). So if I have, say, $4 million instead of $3 million to invest, wouldn’t I reach my goal earlier?

Besides, I have been receiving plenty of requests over the past year to create such a program. So here I am. 🙂

Q3) How are all the picks delivered to EIC Members?

On our Private Telegram Channel. Upon joining, check your email (junk/spam folders as well) for the link to join.

Q4) Do you ever sell the stocks/crypto that are picked in the program?

We regularly review and monitor those companies/coins. Generally, our picks are made with a 5 to 10 year view. But if underlying fundamentals turn negative, we will issue a sell signal.

For our short-term speculative trades, those are expected to be flipped for a quick profit within weeks or months.

Q5) How to join? And do you accept bitcoin/crypto for the membership fee?

Not at the moment, to minimize admin work on our side. Please pay at the link below, using PayPal or any debit/credit card. 

This is a one-time payment to join EIC for 12 months. We don’t believe in scammy methods like hooking you up on a recurring subscription that automatically deducts money from you, hoping you’ll forget to cancel. That’s what most other businesses do. Over here, we believe you will happily join again for another year, 12 months from now.

Click here to join EIC by Diego

(1 Year Access)

Q6) I have a very large capital. If I prefer to keep a portion in index funds, what do you recommend?

For our high rollers with very large capital, i.e. 6 to 7 figures folks (I know who some of these long-time followers are, haha) – you may wish to maintain up to 50% of your total portfolio in index funds. 

In particular we recommend the following Vanguard ETFs – 20% VTI, 10% VGT, 10% VHT, 10% VCR.

For the majority of people with moderate risk tolerance, the above is unnecessary unless you’re extremely risk-averse (very low risk tolerance). Remember – our goal with our stocks/crypto picks is to beat the market (have higher returns than these ETFs/index funds).

If you are 8 to 9 figures (hmm, are there any here?)… Wait, why are you even reading this? Get a life, mate. Just go enjoy your life. Don’t need to follow me. 😉

To the rest of you, we will get there together some day. 

While there is no guaranteed way to make money in the world of investing, your odds of success greatly increases when you have the chance to copy the trades of a proven Elite Investor.

Stay Elite,
Elite Investing Club

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