Getting Robbed At Gunpoint Can’t Stop This Team Diego Member

Video Interview with Tommy (Team Diego client)

How A 29-Year-Old College Lecturer Made $2,000+ In His First Month Betting On Draws, Got Robbed At Gunpoint, And Hustled To Get Back On His Feet

For those of you who have been following my emails or my blog for a while, you know that one of our newest members this month is Tommy from Zambia.

Tommy has been a long-time follower of mine and always wanted to join Team Diego’s Draw Betting Program. He had to save many months of his salary in Zambia before raising the bankroll and monthly subscription fee needed.

He made a SUPERB start in his first month (making more than $2,000 in USD profits) AND THEN HE WAS FUCKING ROBBED OF ALL HIS MONEY BY 4 MEN AT GUNPOINT.

Listen to the full video interview because Tommy is an amazing human being – always having a big smile on his face regardless of his circumstances.

Long story short: he was withdrawing his winnings at a local betting shop, because all transactions are done in cash in his country, when the robbery occurred.

As he said in our WhatsApp conversation, “[he] can never stop team diego no matter what happens”.

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We can all learn from this incredibly brave and optimistic young man. He’s the most cheerful guy I’ve ever met. He’s also very hardworking and a true hustler.

Bold. Determined. Fearless.

We recently sat down for an interview/chit-chat. (Pardon the video quality as well as the abrupt ending when an untimely power cut at his home ended the video.)

Timestamp of our chit chat

  • 0:15 – Introducing Tommy from Zambia
  • 1:10 – Why Tommy lost A LOT of money doing soccer betting since 2015 until he discovered Draw Betting (Team Diego)
  • 2:23 – Why Tommy has NEVER thought of betting on draws
  • 3:00 – Lousy Tipsters on Twitter
  • 4:38 – Tommy saved up months of his salary in order to acquire the bankroll to join us
  • 4:50 – How much NET PROFITS Tommy won in his first 3 weeks (close to $2,020 USD)
  • 6:38 – Discussion about bookies and government regulations (why he choose to use his local bookies)
  • 7:35 – Has Tommy’s bookie ever limited his bets?
  • 11:00 – Betting shop was involved in the robbery (conspiracy)
  • 12:00 – Police will shoot the robbers on sight and Tommy won’t get back his money
  • 13:00 – Tommy lost most of his winnings to the robbery
  • 14:00 – HUSTLE: Working on his grandparents’ sugarcane plantation in Mazabuka
  • 15:40 – Tommy’s day job: teaching at a college
  • 16:10 – Earning 100 USD a month (after taxes) as a college lecturer in Zambia
  • 16:40 – Tommy reveals he is turning 30 and marrying his long-time sweetheart Diana
  • 17:13 – My final take (before our connection was cut off): We should ALL learn from Tommy

How To Join Team Diego (Start Betting On Draws Today)

All the information you need to learn EXACTLY how we bet on draws in soccer matches can be found here (read this).

If you want to finally start beating the bookies like Tommy, following Team Diego’s Draw Betting System (increasing stake method) will make life much easier for you.

If there’s one lesson to take away from my short interview with Tommy, it’s this – Never give up, never give in, and keep finding ways to make your life greater than ever before.

Until next time.

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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  1. Hey Diego, thanks for everything so far. Have been following your blog for a while now and I haven’t got much to say but simply hope that you have a patent for the Increasing Stake Method…You’ll be much richer if people had to pay just to use that method. Now I know accumulators are a fraud-that’s why the bookies love it. I have also learnt via your blog that draws tend to occur when both teams score and (or) concede less goals (hats off to that million dollar info)….so while I’m trying to save up the bank roll requisite to joining Team Diego…I remain your loyal blog follower!!!!


  2. Hi Diego
    I’m really excited about Tommy’s story so far. I’m from Africa and I can really relate. I’m seriously encouraged.
    I can never forget my first contact with you. The enthusiasm in your words via the email chat we had was infectious.
    I do not have the funds yet but I’ve been building my bankroll and first subscription even before then. This is because I’ve been working on a draw betting strategy similar to what you’re doing (although not in intervals of 1.5). Therefore, when I stumbled on your page, I felt so justified on my approach. However, I don’t have the success rates you have on your picks. I really give it to you on that.
    Do you know I’ve tried to create a pooling team to share the subscription fee but it seems most guys I meet are pessimistic and so I’ve decided to trudge on alone?
    Thanks for the free draws you’ve been dropping recently. However, Tommy’s won’t be the only success story from your blog. I intend to be one as well.
    I think I’ve said it all but if I can be able to achieve $2000 a month on betting draws from you, BOY!!! That would be a life changer.

    Thanks again for the opportunity. Till I’m set with my bankroll, I’ll keep trudging and keep hanging by your blog for sure.


  3. hi diego
    i stumbled on your site when many bookmakers have conferred on the title of “Chief loser’ because of the type of bet i placed.

    you see, prior to the time i saw the light on your site,i can accumulate 15 games and put big $$$ on it and at the end its ‘LOSS’ written in red

    it was out of curiosity to get my money back that i stumble to this “Eye Opener site”.

    the journey so far has been wonderful because i am now collecting my money back from them and i hope to do this with interest

    Betting on draw was the least thing on my mind them without knowing its the surest way to profit my betting on football

    sincerely wish to say a big THANK YOU DIEGO

    although i have not subscribe to your plan now, but i have used the strategies in your blog and it has perform wonders.


    • I really want to win this one! I was one of the members few months ago but something happened and couldn’t keep up! Hard life! But i am willing to do so if i can get 7 free days! Then i can write my own story. Sky is the limit as they say!


  4. Wow! that’s the perfect Christmas gift! Hope to win. Greetings from Romania!


  5. So good diego u are so diffent with that stupid scammers.soon i wanna cooperate with.take military salute

  6. système terriblement remarquable chapeau à Jk Diego

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