EPL Prediction Contest – Free to Enter, Make Money Predicting the EPL (Sponsored by Team Diego)


  • For your entry to be valid, you must be in the Official Team Diego Telegram Channel.
  • Strictly ONE entry per person (we have ways of finding out if you submit multiple entries). Violators will be disqualified and banned from future contests.
  • Predictions for each match should be entered clearly, e.g. “1-0” or “1-2” etc.
  • 1 point for correct result (home win, draw, or away win). 3 points for correct score. [maximum = 30 points]
  • If there are more than 1 entry with the highest number of points, winner will be the earliest entry.
  • Prize money of 100 USD will be sent by PayPal, OR can be used to exchange for a week’s subscription of Team Diego’s Draw Betting Program (usual price 175 USD).
  • Entry forms will be closed upon the start of the first EPL match of the round.
  • Winner will be announced in our Telegram Channel and also contacted via Telegram DM.
  • The decision of J.K. Diego shall be final and unchallengable and in his absolute discretion he may declare void any entry he deems fit.

About JK Diego & Team Diego

All prize monies are sponsored by The Pioneer of Draw Betting, JK Diego.

Learn more about JK Diego at this page.

Contest History

Round #1 (8 to 10 November 2019)
– 75 Participants
– Winner: Faith T from Nigeria (17 Points)

Round #2 (23 to 25 November 2019)
– 82 Participants
– Winner: Kris from Singapore (15 Points)

Round #3 (26 to 27 December 2019)
– This was a special Christmas/Boxing Day Round.
– Prize money for this round was increased 10X to US$1,000.
– For each entry received, we also donated US$10 to charity.
133 Participants
– Winner: Joales from Brazil (13 Points)

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