How To Make Money Trading Bitcoin As A Beginner In 2020

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Introducing J.K. Diego’s Cryptocurrency Consulting Program

(the easiest way to ride on this upcoming Bitcoin Boom)


As of September 2021, we have converted this program into a Stocks & Crypto picks program.


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But first – What’s happening to Bitcoin in 2020?

If you’re reading this in April 2020, count yourself lucky. A major event – known as “Bitcoin halving” – is due to take place sometime in the middle of May 2020.

This event happens approximately once every 4 years and is highly anticipated by the cryptocurrency community.

Without going into the technical details of this so-called “Bitcoin halving”, all you have to know is that it is effectively a “supply constriction” – a feature unique to Bitcoin.

So! The direct opposite of what almost every major country in the world is doing right now (printing massive amounts of money – a recipe for inflation/devaluing those currencies).

Here’s the exciting part that is relevant to you: On previous occasions that halving occurred (in 2012 and 2016)… The price of Bitcoin went up by a stunning 8200% and 2200% in the following 12-18 months!

In a nutshell – that’s why the cryptocurrency community is looking forward to creating many new bitcoin millionaires in the coming years.

Could you be one of them?

How To Make Money Trading Bitcoin As A Total Beginner In 2020

(even during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic)

make money trading bitcoin

I used to offer cryptocurrency consulting a few years back. At that time, the program was only open as an add-on service to Team Diego members who were already subscribed to our legendary soccer draws betting program.

The crypto program was stopped as it was something that took up my personal time (not as simple as forwarding my daily draw picks to 100+ members).

With my time freed up due to the current COVID-19 outbreak and suspension of world football, we’re ready to accept a limited number of members into our cryptocurrency consulting program.

Here are the details:

  • The number of members allowed into this exclusive group is capped at a maximum of thirty (30).
  • The fee for joining this program is fixed at 0.1 BTC for a 3 months subscription (since the price of Bitcoin is expected to rise, the longer you wait to join the more expensive it will be).
  • No shorter duration subscription is available due to the nature of the program, which I will explain below.

Who is this Cryptocurrency Consulting Program for?

This is for you if…

  • You have been thinking about investing in bitcoin/cryptocurrency for a while now but have not pulled the trigger.
  • You have the money to invest BUT don’t have the time or interest to study the complexities of cryptocurrency.
  • You need a mentor or guiding hand, i.e. you just want someone to tell you EXACTLY what to do as a COMPLETE BEGINNER.
  • You currently ALREADY own some bitcoin but are not actively doing anything with it, i.e. you’re just utilizing a “hold for long term” strategy. However, you would like to do a little trading in order to make higher returns by gradually increasing the amount of BTC you own.
  • You currently only own bitcoin but want my ALT COIN picks (more details below).

This Program is NOT for you if…

  • You are investing money that you cannot afford to lose.
  • You might need to draw upon this sum of money for emergency spending in the near future.
  • You only have a few hundred dollars (or one or two thousand dollars) to play with. (In that case just buy BTC and hold on to it for the next 5 years, don’t check the price and don’t bother with any trading strategy since it’s not going to make a significant difference.)
  • You are a more advanced trader or simply prefer a higher-risk-higher-reward style of trading, e.g. using leverage.

What To Expect In This Program

  • If you’re joining as a complete beginner to the world of cryptocurrency, I will show you WHERE and HOW to purchase your first bitcoin (or fractions of a bitcoin, in case the price of 1 BTC has gone up tremendously by the time you’re reading this).
  • I will teach you the basics of how to keep your cryptocurrency SAFE so you won’t accidentally lose them.
  • For those who need extra help with the basics, I will provide a one-to-one Skype coaching call at the beginning of the on-boarding process to help you get the fundamental stuff set up.
  • Throughout the program, you will receive clear instructions via Telegram Chat to COPY EXACTLY what I do with my own coins, i.e. what price to buy and sell.
  • I only make A FEW big moves a month, riding the big trends. So you will NOT be “day-trading”, i.e. staring at your computer screen all day, trying to do multiple trades a day. (Precisely for this reason – the subscription lasts for 3 months, and we do not offer a shorter duration of subscription.)
  • BONUS: I will provide you my updated list of MOST PROMISING ALT COINS (smaller cryptocurrencies that are not bitcoin) for this year. We will allocate a portion of your cryptocurrency portfolio to these HIDDEN GEMS so you can achieve even greater gains (than if you were to just stick to BTC only).

About My Alt Coin Picks

I’ve got a pretty good track record with smaller coins (known as “alt coins” in the crypto universe) before they blow up.

While I don’t blog about cryptocurrency often, all the info below can be verified by looking through my old blog posts from 2017.

In 2017, I blogged about Binance Coin (BNB) when it was still very new – certainly before most people knew about it. Today it is one of the top coins in the world as Binance has grown to become the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. At the point of writing this blog post on 20 August 2017, BNB was worth $2.12 (verify it yourself here). It eventually hit a high of almost $40, although it has dropped since then and today is sitting at around $14. Even if you didn’t sell at the top (unrealistic to predict the exact top), your BNB investment would still be worth 7X today (April 2020).

At the end of 2017, I again picked 2 alt coins (Chainlink and ARK) when I wrote this blog post. The day I posted the article, Chainlink was worth $0.26 (again, verify yourself here) and it hit a high of $5 (before decreasing to around $2.30 as I’m writing this in April 2020). Once again, even if you didn’t sell it at the top, your Chainlink investment would still be worth 9X today.

As a hypothetical (but realistic) example: Let’s say you had $3,000 and decided to put $1,000 into each of my 3 Alt Coin picks.

Coin A gained 7X (your $1,000 is now $7,000).

Coin B gained 9X (your $1,000 is now $9,000).

Coin C was a “missed”, let’s just assume it went to $0 (although it’s probably still worth something).

Your original $3,000 has grown to $16,000. That’s the power of Alt Coins. I’m not plucking random figures out of thin air. In fact I’m using my actual picks and using the prices today (at a time when Alt Coins are considered to be doing “very badly”). It’s by no means a “bull market” in the Alt Coin market now so it’s not like I’m cherry picking numbers at the VERY TOP of a bull run to showcase the returns of my picks.

FAQs (Updated 18 April 2020)

Q: What if the price of bitcoin/cryptocurrency drops? Wouldn’t we lose money?

A: Good question. That’s the whole point of trading. Trading simply means buying low and selling high.

So. In the short to medium term, our aim is to increase the number of coins we own through our trades.

In the long to very long term, we strongly believe that bitcoin will be worth A TON more than what it is in the short term.

So the goal of joining our program is to end up with MORE coins than what you started with. Also, those coins themselves will ultimately be worth much more (if you believe in holding them for years).

Some traders trade in very short time frames (buying and selling within hours or days). They can make money doing so due to the volatility of crypto prices.

In our program (in which you will be able to directly copy my trades), we trade in longer time frames – typically weeks or months. In other words, we ride on the big trends.

As an example, on 30th March 2020, I identified that bitcoin will move up from around 6k to 9k (roughly by end of May 2020). On that day I also posted a message on Telegram to inform my followers (you can always scroll back the history to check).

I bought 6 different coins for my portfolio with the following allocation:

  • Bitcoin (50%)
  • Coin A (10%)
  • Coin B (10%)
  • Coin C (10%)
  • Coin D (10%)
  • Coin E (10%)

Exact names of our picks are reserved for members of our Crypto Consulting Program, of course. Members also receive a short PDF document with more information on the coins they are buying (if they are interested to learn more).

As of 18th April 2020, my portfolio is up by:

  • Bitcoin (up 18%)
  • Coin A (up 73%)
  • Coin B (up 41%)
  • Coin C (up 24%)
  • Coin D (up 10%)
  • Coin E (up 51%)

If you want to put real numbers to it, this means –

  • $50,000 of Bitcoin now worth $59,000
  • $10,000 of Coin A now worth $17,300
  • $10,000 of Coin B now worth $14,100
  • $10,000 of Coin C now worth $12,400
  • $10,000 of Coin D now worth $11,000
  • $10,000 of Coin E now worth $15,100

Total: Initial $100,000 portfolio now worth $128,900 (up 28.9% on average)

Obviously actual numbers will be slightly lower as there are transaction fees when buying/selling crypto.

My current call is still to BUY/HOLD these 6 coins. When bitcoin hits 9k, that’s when I anticipate we will make some trades (we will sell some of these 6 coins).

The benefit of being a member is you get to copy my exact trades. As with crypto, nothing goes up all the time. So when bitcoin drops to a certain price (after hitting 9k), we will tell our members to BUY again. This time they will have MORE coins since they would have sold at a high price and bought back at a lower price.

And the cycle repeats as we accumulate more coins. We do all the hard work and in-depth analysis and our members just wait for our instructions on what price to sell and when to buy again.

How To Join J.K. Diego’s Cryptocurrency Consulting Program


Send me an email using this contact form here.

Please fill in the ‘Subject’ line with “Team Diego Crypto”.

Tell me about (1) your experience/knowledge with cryptocurrency (if any), (2) the capital you are ready to invest (in USD equivalent), and (3) the country you’re residing in.

Before clicking the ‘send’ button, double-check your email address is filled in correctly with no typo errors.

Once again – the fee for joining this program is fixed at 0.1 BTC for a 3 months subscription. The longer you wait to join, the more expensive it will be (as value of BTC increases) – you have been warned!


Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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