Is Binance Coin (BNB) The Next Big Coin? Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency Is The Gold Rush Of This Generation


(If you’re just here to find out how to purchase Binance Coin (BNB), skip to the last section.)

Guys and girls, today is the greatest time in history to be alive. Never before in history can a 15-year-old kid with internet access make millions of dollars while lying naked in front of his laptop.

CryptoCurrency is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is THE gold rush of this generation and hell, are we lucky to be living through these crazy times. Indeed, many have already made millions (and many more in the process as we speak).

Many people ask: Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)?

The answer is unequivocally, NO!

Well let me put it into context: Even if you enter Crypto as “late” as today, you are still part of the first 0.15% of the world’s population to do so. That’s “Red Pill” as fuck.

I only entered the CryptoCurrency world a little more than a month ago. During this short period of time, I have seen the value of the coins in my portfolio more than TRIPLED (mainly due to NEO and OMG, more on that later).

Can you still see astronomical ROIs of 1,000% or 10,000% if you start today?

With the right alternative coins, hell yeah! If you read mainstream media, you’d think there is only Bitcoin. In reality, there are literally hundreds of other newer coins that are just beginning to take off. But of course the Fake News Media doesn’t tell you that.

Like in any gold rush: the sooner you get in, the bigger you win. The people who get in too late fight for scraps and eat dust.

the next bitcoin (binance coin review)


Simply put, 3 to 5 years from now, there will be:

  1. A generation of Crypto Millionaires
  2. Cry babies crying that nobody told them about all these

My mentor Alvin Tan puts it this way (paraphrased):

If you have $10,000 lying around in your bank account, that amount is not life changing. Whether you have it or not wouldn’t change your life in any significant way. If you invest them in Crypto, what is the WORSE case scenario? That you lose everything (i.e. 100% loss). At most you will just spend a year earning it back and not lose too much sleep.

What about the BEST case scenario? You’re looking at 1,000% or even 10,000% gains. Now, One Million Dollars in your bank account – THAT is life changing.

So the choice is easy, it’s a no-brainer.


I have heard of Bitcoins for years now (although knowledge is useless if you don’t TAKE ACTION). Most of you who aren’t living under the rock for the past few years would have also heard of Bitcoin.

I first heard of Ethereum earlier this year from one of the guys who wanted to purchase my amazing soccer betting tips and inquired whether I “accept payment in Bitcoin or Ethereum”.

That’s when I realized there are tons of other digital currencies and tokens that ordinary people haven’t heard of.

I’m sure in time to come CryptoCurrency will only explode and go mainstream. Presently, most guys involved in Crypto belong to two circles:

  1. The male gamer geeks type
  2. The libertarian Red Pill screw-Big-Government-and-the-establishment type

Thankfully I belong to the second group – that’s how I kept hearing about Crypto and decided to check it out.

Admittedly, CryptoCurrency sounds dodgy/scammy/Ponzi to people who’re new to it.

The reason I was so confident of its potential — so much so that I now have 99% of my life savings in it — was that the EARLY ADOPTERS (people who were discussing this since 2012/2013) were all super intelligent libertarian-leaning folks.

Guys like Joe Rogan, Chris from GoodLookingLoser, Caleb from Blackdragon, and Genius Alvin. These guys were all excited long before Bitcoin was mainstream.

bitcoin cryptocurrency millionaire

It’s cool to be a Crypto Millionaire


Look, I’m not saying the big boys (mainly BTC and ETH) are not worth getting into at this time. But they have already made MASSIVE gains. Since the start of 2017, BTC has increased 4-fold while ETH has rocketed a mind-boggling 40-fold.

At the time of writing (August 2017), BTC sits at approximately $4100 and ETH at $300.

Nobody knows how high they will go. John McAfee says BTC will be $500,000 (that’s half a fucking million dollars) or he will suck his own dick on live TV (no thanks).

I personally believe BTC will easily smash $10,000 in the near future.

But no matter how you see it, the big boys that have already grown a shit ton have much lesser room to grow than the newer (and cheaper) alt coins.

NEO (previously named Antshares), OMG (OmiseGo)

I bought my first batch of NEO (still kicking myself that it was a really small stack as I was a newbie navigating this wild west) when it was less than $6. Within a month, it smashed $50 at its highest point.

best alt coins to buy now

Similarly, I first got into OMG when it was $2-something (and later sold it off at a profit, which was a mistake –  hold your coins long-term if you believe in its fundamentals). Fortunately for me I managed to get in again at $3-something before it hit its all time high at ~$9.


This is how fast this shit goes – it’s totally crazy. Blink and you miss the train (or rocket).

I still believe in the long-term potential of NEO and OMG. They are excellent coins to buy. Even now, they’re undervalued. I’ll say NEO’s potential is in the $400-$500 range while OMG is also potentially a three-digit value coin.

That said, if you are reading this today and want to MAXIMIZE your ROI, then you gotta find newer coins which haven’t “mooned” yet.

Which brings me to BINANCE COIN (BNB).

You know, just like soccer betting, I don’t write about things that I don’t feel confident about. This is no exception.

how to buy bitcoin (funny cryptocurrency gold rush comic)

Don’t think about how much money you would have made. Think how much money you’re going to make!


(Is it the next Big Coin or best Alt Coin?)

As mentioned, NEO may still X10 (if you buy today), and OMG perhaps X15 (if you buy today).

BNB, on the other hand, may well multiply your money by 50X in the next 2-3 years. I got mine recently at ~$2.

Mandatory disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and not financial advice. You should do your own research and due diligence. Never put in more than what you are willing to lose.

Read their White Paper and conduct your own research – BNB is a very different coin and its concept differs from most other coins. BNB is the homegrown currency of the Binance Exchange.

The main use of this token is to pay for transaction fees when users trade on Binance.

Here’s a summary of why you should be absolutely bullish about this sleeping giant.

  1. Owners of BNB receive 50% discounts on trading fees on the Binance Exchange. Binance has huge plans to be one of the top exchanges in the world. As they list more coins on their platform, their user base will grow and demand for BNB will grow accordingly.
  2. ICOs on Binance will be funded with BNB only, further driving up demand.
  3. The team behind Binance is excellent. CEO Changpeng Zhao has a proven track record from OKCoin (one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges).
  4. The team plans to use 20% of profits every quarter to buy back tokens from the open market and DESTROY them – until we’re left with 50% of the supply. Instead of an increasing supply, BNB does the reverse. Demand/Supply 101!
  5. Oh did I mention that like NEO, Binance is based in Shanghai, China?
  6. Despite that, they are courting an international audience. Look at their non-Chinese sounding name. And unlike other Chinese exchanges, they do not have Chinese Yuan (CNY) pairings.
  7. The United States SEC seems to think regulation is the way forward (WRONG!). US-based exchanges like Bittrex, Bitfinex, and Poloniex have been blocked from listing some coins that are classified by the SEC as a security. These coins are applying to be listed at Binance instead. This may prove to be a YUGE deal for Chinese exchanges, especially Binance which is internationally-focused.
  8. In other words, Binance is out to DESTROY the competition. The entire business model and design of BNB is nothing short of genius.


Are there any drawbacks to BNB?

As far as I can see, the only flaw is that the success of BNB is DIRECTLY TIED to the success of the Binance Exchange itself. While Binance is the fastest growing exchange in China (and still has PLENTY of room for growth), nothing in life is certain.

Given the nature and use of BNB, it probably won’t be traded on any other exchange outside Binance. Thus the entirety of its success would rest on Binance’s ability to grow continuously (and stay out of hacks, financial/legal problems etc).

donald trump china quote



Remember the time when NEO was $2 or Bitcoin was $200? Neither do I.

But you have a chance to jump right onto this top notch BNB train while it is still dirt cheap!


Set up an account with a reliable exchange like Coinbase (world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, they support most countries).

Deposit fiat currency (e.g. US Dollars) and purchase some BTC or ETH.


Sign up for Binance (the only place to purchase BNB).

Note: You cannot deposit fiat currency to Binance directly. So do not skip Step 1.


Send your BTC or ETH to your wallet at Binance.


Use the BTC/ETH to trade for BNB.


HODL your BNB to the grave and enjoy your ride to the moon! WINNING!

UPDATE (Sep 2021)

Due to many requests, I now have a Stocks & Crypto picks program.


Let me know if you have any questions, or I’ll see you in the next post.

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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  1. Love it man!!

    Just starting to get into crypto. My friend became a millionaire of ETH.

    How much would you recommend putting into BNB?

    Sounds very sound!

    • Depends how much capital you have and your risk appetite.

      I think BNB along with NEO and OMG are all very sound. Would probably split my capital into 1/3 if I were entering today.

  2. Tremendous growth of Binance Exchange in its first 45 DAYS –

  3. What is your opiniões now?

    One week later and price is -50% now.

  4. OCTOBER 2017 UPDATE: Looks like the China bullshit has died down. I still believe it’s a tremendous opportunity to enter BNB now.

  5. Appreciate the advice !!!

    But how do I put BNB into my wallet.
    Does it simply sit in the ETH section ????

    Cheers again.

    • You can leave it on Binance Exchange as BNB can be used to pay for transaction fees on Binance Exchange (with 50% discount). But yes you can also send to your ETH wallet as BNB is an ERC-20 token. If you wish to send to your Ether wallet, send a small test amount first to confirm it is working before sending your whole stack.

      BTW – some other good coins to buy and hold for 2018 include ARK and LINK. I sold my BNB for these 2 coins (not because BNB is not good, but because I see more upside potential in ARK/LINK next year). More info about ARK & LINK at the last portion of this post:

  6. Excellent article, and hilarious too (YUGE) lol. BNB is exploding right now

  7. While I very much dislike the alarmist and edgy tone throughout this site, I did find this article concise and informative. Thank you. I have one question-

    In your step by step for new investors, you instruct to buy either BTC/ETH on Coinbase before sending to Binance. Why not keep it even simpler and not even mention BTC? Since both would work for the purpose of using to purchase BNB, is there any advantage to buying BTC instead of ETH, considering that ETH is faster, cheaper, and has stronger fundamentals than BTC? Just curious- I don’t know much about either technology.

    • Yes, you are right. I personally also prefer to use ETH to purchase most of my alt coins, as ETH is faster.

      There are 2 minor points that warrant me having to include BTC in the instructions:

      1) All alt coins have a BTC-pairing, but they don’t necessarily have a ETH-pairing. However, most alt coin exchanges are moving towards offering ETH trading pair for all the alt coins.

      2) Most people still use BTC to trade for alt coins. As a result, the volume and liquidity in the BTC/AltCoin markets can be much larger than that of the ETH/AltCoin markets. However, this isn’t really an issue unless you are buying HUGE amounts of alt coins. So it’s not a problem for most people.

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