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We are the best soccer tipsters.

I say that because we are the ONLY punters who consistently make huge profits and beat the bookies (they are afraid of us).

I will teach you how we win anywhere from $2,000 – $10,000 a month with our well-developed and proven strategy (played using my daily tips).

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Team Diego’s Strategy/Betting System

There are 2 methods of playing my system. Both involve ONLY BETTING ON DRAWS.

Method 1

Bet equal stakes on all my tips. For example if I send you 5 tips (all telling you to bet on draws) for today, and you have $50 to bet, you would place $10 on each game.

The Rationale

Since odds for draws are usually above 3, this means that we will be profitable as long as we win more than one-third (33%) of our bets. In fact, my long term record is actually 40+% hit rate at predicting draws.

The Downside

The bad thing about this equal staking method is that in the short term, there can be a lot of fluctuation. For instance, I can win 6 bets out of 7 today (very high profits) but only win 1 out of 3 tomorrow (few bucks profits or even small loss).

Method 2

This method is the method that most of my clients and I personally use. It gives us tremendous amounts of profits. Usually I get 50% ROI (e.g. if I spend $8,000 in total bets this month, I’d bring in $4,000 in NET PROFITS).

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The Increasing Stake Strategy

I published an entire book teaching this method in detail in 2016. However I will describe the gist of the method here for free.

Simply put, I bet $20 on a draw. If I win, I get back $60+ (odds at least 3) and do the same for the next game.

HOWEVER, if the game doesn’t end up in a draw (i.e. I lost the bet), I would multiply my stake by 1.5X. This means I’d place $30 on a draw for the next game. We will keep multiplying our stake by 1.5X till we win (i.e. get the draw).

IMPORTANT: Once we get the draw, we will revert to the lowest stake the following game ($20 in this example).

The Rationale

Why do we do this? Look at this example: On a rare occasion where I lose 4 games in a row, I would be betting

  • $20 on the first game
  • $30 on the second game
  • $45 on the third game
  • $68 on the fourth game
  • $100 on the fifth game

On the 5th bet, I finally win the draw and take home at least $300 (with odds 3).

My total amount spent was: $20 + $30 +45 +$68 + $100 = $263

This gives me a NET PROFIT of $300 – $263 = $37

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many games I “lose”, each draw will win me a NET PROFIT of about $40.

On days where there are many suitable games to bet on (such as weekends), we easily get 3 to 6 draws a day. We aim for a BARE MINIMUM of 1 draw every single day.

50 draws a month provide our average member (who starts with $20 bets) approximately $2,000 in net profits.

Honestly… if you have a very big bankroll, nothing is stopping you from placing $100 (or more) as your first bet. Some of my high bankroll clients actually do this, making over $100,000 a year. I personally start with $20 as my first bet, as I invest my profits into other real life businesses instead of pouring everything back into my betting capital.

The Caveats

  • You need sufficient bankroll to withstand a bad run of loss. BUT with my awesome picks, we usually get a draw every 2 to 3 games. On a rare unlucky day, we endure perhaps 5-6 games without a draw.
  • You have to wait for each game to end, before you can place the next bet. I advise you to simply set an alarm to check the score after each game ends before placing the bet for the following game. For this reason, we will only bet on football matches that are at least spaced TWO HOURS apart.

World Class Testimonials

This is just a selection of testimonials to show you real proof that Team Diego wins tons of money. 99% of the other tipsters out there are scam artists and full of bullshit.

For a more detailed insight into Team Diego, you can also read this amazing interview with one of our most successful members. Hint: he doesn’t really have to work anymore.

There is also a video interview with another member that you can watch here.

You know you must be doing something right when other tipsters in the industry are endorsing you.

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*****Our Dutch client*****

how to win consistently at football betting

*****Our British client*****

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*****Our American client*****

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We come from all over the world to beat the bookies and KICK THEIR ASS…

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How much does your service cost?

  • 497 USD/month

I send out a minimum of 3-4 draw tips a day, up to a maximum of… well, there is no maximum.


How do I make payment to you?

How much can I make by following your tips?

Obviously it depends on your bankroll (i.e. amount of betting capital you have). My top client brings in $10,000 a month in profits just by following my daily tips. You may not immediately rake in 5-digits a month, as you need time to build up your bankroll and accumulate winnings. But 4-digits a month is very doable and feasible. Check out this post to see EXACTLY how an entire month of draw betting with my tips is like.

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Do you do Accumulator bets?

No. I specialize in betting draws (on single tickets).

However, some of my clients like to use my tips to do 3-fold or 4-fold acca of Under 2.5 Goals. This is because draws tend to be Under 2.5 goals.

Which bookies would you recommend?

I recommend ALL bookies. Sign up for every single one possible and claim their free $200 (or whatever amount) bonus.

You will also be able to bet each game with the bookie offering the highest odds. In the long run, it makes A LOT of difference. Go to, find the game that I tell you to bet on and click on “Odds Comparison” to easily find out the highest paying bookie for that match.

Last but not least, why do I need your tips after you have already taught me your betting system in this blog post?

Well, my friend, in an ideal world you don’t need my tips. Because in an ideal world you would have an unlimited amount of bankroll and can afford to multiply your bets by 1.5X for 100 consecutive losses before hitting a draw.

But you’re not living in an ideal world, and you DON’T HAVE unlimited betting capital. You NEED to make sure that you win a draw every few games.

Also, my tips cost nothing compared to the amount of profits you will soon be making.

I have many years of betting experience and have built the best mathematical system on this planet that specializes in predicting draws. That’s my niche, my specialty, my bread and butter. I analyze draws for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So let’s combine forces and beat the bookies together as a team.



best soccer predictions system

Sometimes I give out random Correct Score tips too.

most effective football betting strategy

Correct Score bets may be more risky but the rewards are HUGE.

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  1. Insightful blog post, what would you say would be the minimum betting capital to start with including the cost of your tips/picks.

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    Tnx for you post
    It’s so good
    I have a question
    Most of the game started as same time and how we can bet on some games?
    In your betting system we should bet on 1st match and then when won or lose we must go for 2nd bet?

  3. Thank you very much,do I don’t have money with me now, but when I have the capital, I will let you know.

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  5. Hi, can i get tips on trial 1 day?
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  6. Thanks for the info.Was just wondering if the bet costs $20.00 and the tip $35.00 (per day cost) and i win $20.00 x 3 (odd) = $60.00 my profit per day will be $60.00 – ($20.00 + $35.00)=$5.00 isn’t this a bit low.

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    • Yes… BUT honestly if you can’t afford my monthly or weekly fees, you probably don’t have the bankroll required to follow my system.

      Go follow someone else.

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    • Our payment options are more than sufficient for 99% of the people in this world. Won’t cater to any other as we have too many members.

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