How To Win Big On Football Bets In The Long Run – A Look At Some Real Data

How To Win Big On Football Bets In The Long Run

A look at some REAL DATA from one entire month of non-stop betting on draws

(more than 100 soccer games!)

If you want to know how to win big on football bets in the long run – then read on because I’m going to share the solution with you.

My name is Diego, and together with my team of professional soccer bettors, we have cracked the code.

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Just last month, the average member of our team made a net profit of $2,247. Yes, that is more than 2-grand transferred from the bookie’s pocket and into our pockets. You wouldn’t understand this feeling if you have never experienced making CONSISTENT NET PROFITS from soccer/football betting.

Well, trust me – I know how you feel because not too long ago, I was just like you. Angry, frustrated, and feeling absolutely helpless as I watched my hard-earned money going from my wallet to the bookies’ bank accounts month after month…

That’s before we built this incredible betting system. And I have been sharing it with my fellow bettors all around the world to help them make amazing profits they have never seen before. The best part is: over the past 1 year, I have spent countless hours every single day refining the Art & Science of Soccer Prediction. It is now almost made to perfection! Hint: All we do is analyze and bet on DRAWS. 😉

In fact, the highest earning member of our team wins really bigly – his monthly profits now exceeds $10,000. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s just talk about the AVERAGE guy who is just starting with a small to medium-sized bankroll.

Here’s one of our Australian members who just completed 1 month of football betting with our bulletproof system.

How To Win Big On Football Bets

And here’s a Canadian member who made nearly $1,700 IN ONE WEEK (almost doubling his initial betting capital).

How To Win Big On Soccer Bets

sure win soccer bets

How Can We Do It? Our Smart Betting System

I have written extensively on this blog regarding the rationale for betting on draws. In soccer/football games, I truly believe that this is the only way to win big in the long run. Here is a list of blog posts on this subject.

Okay Diego, I’m too lazy to read all these posts. Please do a quick summary for me and show me: how to win big on football bets?

Alright alright… I’m going to show you some real data in a moment.

But first, a quick summary of our betting system in 3 simple steps. This is what an average bettor in our team does: for someone with a small to moderate bankroll, he starts with $20 bets.

1. Place a $20 bet on DRAW on a game that is likely to end in a draw (odds are about 3.00+ on average)

2a. If you won the bet, good. Continue doing the same on the next game.

2b. If you lost the bet, multiply your stake by 1.5 (so in this case, you will bet [$20 X 1.5] = $30 on DRAW for the next game). Keep doing this (increasing your betting amount by 1.5X if you lose), until you win a DRAW.

3. Once you have won the bet, return to your lowest betting amount for the following game (in this case you start betting $20 again).

An Entire Month Of Non-Stop Betting On Draws

I have compiled our betting data for the past one month to give you a better idea here. I actually resisted doing this for a long time as it is too much work to compile all the data, but I receive a tremendous amount of emails on a daily basis inquiring about our betting system… so here you go.

Note that this is an average month. Some months we do slightly better than this, some months we perform slightly worse.

This is a realistic idea of EXACTLY what to expect when you follow our strategic betting system. For your convenience, WINS are highlighted in YELLOW.

betting on 100 soccer draws data (1)betting on 100 soccer draws data (2)betting on 100 soccer draws data (3)betting on 100 soccer draws data (4)betting on 100 soccer draws data (5)betting on 100 soccer draws data (6)


Over the course of 30 days,

– We won 53 draws out of 127 games (42% win rate).

– Breakdown of scorelines of the 53 draws: 27 were 0-0, 15 were 1-1, 9 were 2-2, and 2 were 3-3.

– Average odds of our DRAW PICKS was 3.12

– Average odds of our DRAW WINS was 3.12

– Most games LOST in a row: 6

– Most games WON in a row: 8

In a nutshell, we bet about 4 games each day and average just under 2 wins per day. This means that for the average member of our team who starts with a $20 first bet, he would have made a cool NET PROFIT OF $2,247 this month.

How did I calculate that?

If you follow our betting system outlined above, you will make a guaranteed profit for each draw (in addition to recouping the previous losses). Let’s assume odds of 3.12 and you lost 3 games in a row before winning the 4th game:





OVERALL: $210.60 – $20 – $30 – $45 – $67.50 = $48.10 NET PROFIT.

The net profit varies a little bit, between $42.40 (if you win on Game 1) and $48.10 (if you win on Game 4). But you get the idea.

I used the lower amount of $42.40 X 53 draws a month to arrive at the $2,247 figure. From talking to the members in our team, almost everyone was reporting higher profits than my conservative calculations here!

Important Points To Note!!


The longest losing streak you see in the data above was six games. This could actually be shortened by making use of the “cash out” option that some bookies provide. It is quite common for late goals to occur in soccer, so often a game would look like it’s going to finish 1-1 or 2-2 or 0-0 and then one side would score in the 90th minute to ruin the draw.

This means that: if we had gone on a 3 or 4 games losing streak, we could choose to monitor subsequent games and find opportunities to “cash out” late in the game to secure our winnings. This option is very useful especially if you do not have a big enough bankroll to withstand long periods of losses.


It is important to sign up with as many bookmakers as you can. This allows you to bet each game with the bookie who is offering the highest odds. Note that the odds I listed in the data above are the best odds available for each game.

How to find out which bookie to bet for each game? Simply find the game on and click on “ODDS COMPARISON”. Under “1X2 ODDS”, look at the middle column and see which bookmaker is having the highest odds for draw on that game.

Info-graphic Summary

The following infographic summarizes what we have covered in this article. I also tell you the subscription prices to join our team (497 USD a month) as well as payment methods (PayPal, Debit/Credit Card).

To join the world’s most profitable soccer/football betting team today, SIGN UP HERE

bet on draws for best profits*only monthly subscription is available now (UPDATED, 2021)

Welcome to the world of bookie bashers and professional winners. Talk to you soon.

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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  1. Hey diego,

    im little bit confused… in your example – 1. November => did u put 20$ on every match in this day? As i can see u won the first bet and then lost other 3 games. How do u calculate your stake for the next day? there were 3 matches so u just put (20*1,5) on every game?


    • You bet 1 game at a time.

      If I provide my team 4 tips for today, all 4 games will kick off at different timings.


      Game 1: bet $20 (LOST)
      Game 2: bet $30 (LOST)
      Game 3: bet $45 (LOST)
      Game 4: bet $68 (WON)
      Game 5: bet $20…..

      Keep repeating.

  2. richard calcagno

    What happens when the leagues are finished in may? Is there 3 months of no bets?

    • The world doesn’t just consist of Europe. There are games every day of the year. We have been betting (and winning) year-round for the past 2 years.

  3. What to do with long loosing strings (no one have infinite bankroll)?

    Thank’s Diego!

  4. Can you show please the statistics (list of matches with profit/loss) for december 2017 and for jan,feb,march 2018?

    • Pavle,

      My daily tips are sent to my team via WhatsApp messages. I don’t have them compiled in a neat list, unless you wish to volunteer to help me compile since I don’t have the time.

      However you might be in luck – I’m planning to have a public spreadsheet from this month onward that will be updated frequently with the daily bets and results. Watch out for the next blog post for more info.

  5. Is it possible to use your system at my local bookie (without cash out option) and in some way overcome long loosing runs?

    Thank you,
    Best regards

    • Hi again Nemanja,

      Can you sign up for bet365?

      You will know if you join my team. Some secrets are reserved only for my paying clients otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to them. 😉

  6. We are forced by the system (non opertional Skrill, Neteller, high taxes….etc) to bet at local bookie. Serbia is one of the worst countries to live in.

    By the way i’ve just bought your ebook.

    Thank you Diego,
    Warm regards

  7. wow only max 6 games lost in a row? Thats impressive. What about other months? So 500$ (20$ first bet)is enough for my bankroll?



    • Other months are more or less the same.

      Well, you have to ask yourself whether you are not afraid of panicking after losing 5 games if you only have bankroll for 6 rounds of buffer, OR you rather play safe and start with lower than $20 so you can have extra rounds of buffer. 🙂

  8. Hey Diego,

    Thank you so much for your valueable article. I just want to ask you when do you think is the best timing for cash out?

    Best regards,

    • There’s no best timing, it all depends on how the game is going. Usually we use it to secure our winnings if the live odds suggest there is likely to be a late goal that spoils our draw.

      In any case, we only bother using cash out if we have lost many games in a row, and want to secure a win. It rarely happens since with my best-in-the-world draw tips, my team gets a draw almost every other game.

  9. Thanks much J.K DIEGO for your tips.Hope it works,am going to try right away.

  10. quite work in theorem
    but i think the real odds always be adjust to the draw about 2.8
    if more games 2.8 odds less profits
    the bookies will balance all situation , agree with this ?

  11. Your system actually works i have tried it i salute you Diego, but just a matter of bankroll

    • Of course it works. I have been doing this for years. The biggest bettors in my team just made $100,000 profits over the past 12 months, by starting with $100 bets.

  12. Hello can someone make payment in Naira currency

  13. I’m new to much should I start with to make decent profit

    • The higher your bankroll, the higher your profits. Last month, a typical Member who starts with $20 initial bets earned a total net profit of $2300+.

      You can also subscribe to this blog with your email address and receive a copy of our past 7 months historical betting record.

      Further advice will be given when you become our paying client/member.

  14. Hi J.K. Diego, how much was the longest period without draw in your life experience with bets?

  15. Hi Diego,

    Nice system, congrats! After an initial review, picking the right games, of course based on your tips would help a great deal, and depending also on bankroll size, it seems like a lucrative system. I have a question though. Has it ever happened for any of your team members to have their accounts closed by the bookies do to being profitable in the long run?

    Thanx in advance, thinking of joining soon!

    • Hi Toni,

      Yes it is a lucrative system. My top earning clients with the biggest bankrolls to start with $100 bets have earned more than $100,000 over the past 12 months.

      No it has never happened. Even my oldest clients who have been with me for two years have not faced any account closure issues. With that said, however, I recommend our guys to have accounts with EVERY SINGLE BOOKMAKER they can find. Therefore, each game you will place the bet with the bookie that is offering the highest odds on draw for that particular game. It will also help avoid that concern that you have.


  16. I want to subscribe

  17. Hello good morning and I want you just confirm how I can get correct scores about the football game

  18. Please can I have your contact so I can know how you do bet football game correct scores

  19. Hi im trying to purchase your Ebook

    the Strategic art of successful soccer betting

    would you be able to send a link thankyou

  20. Hi Diego, I’ve just discovered you. Am from Zimbabwe. Any team Diego members from Zimbabwe? I’m gonna be joining you soon. This system is amazing can’t wait to try it out. Pliz send me the 7 months record to my email. Respect!

  21. Thanks for your good work…,joining you soon

  22. Hi I want to join but I don’t see where to register

  23. King of draw am from Ghana am saving money for the subscription so I will join you soon. Long live on earth Diago.

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