Everything You Wanted To Know About Football Match-Fixing (Secrets Exposed)

Behind The Scenes Of Football Match-Fixing

(Secrets Exposed By The King Of Match-Fixing)

(UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, and more!)

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This is not my usual blog post. Rather, the article on this page is a brief summary of the video below.

The documentary below about match-fixing in soccer will be the most interesting video you will ever watch. It’s so mind-blowing that I watched the entire video twice. The second time I viewed it, I took down some notes. And later, I thought I might as well convert my notes into a blog article here. Still, highly recommend you watch the documentary in its entirety.

  • Wilson Raj Perumal (born in 1965) is one of the most notorious and successful match-fixers in the football world.
  • The Singaporean man has decades of experience fixing football matches and betting huge amounts of money.
  • After being released from prison in Finland in 2012, Wilson Raj was extradited to Hungary where he is currently living under a witness protection program.

Mind Blowing Revelations (Wilson Raj’s Personal Experience)

  • Lost $3,000,000 in one weekend in Amsterdam – after he unsuccessfully tried to fix a match between Willem II and Feyenoord.
  • Biggest win – $600,000 bet on Morocco to win against Malaysia in 1997.
  • World Cup 2010 – David Villa missed penalty in Spain vs Honduras, costing him 800,000 EUR.
  • Wilson Raj brought Zimbabwe to play a competition in Malaysia with the entire team already bought over.
  • “The culture is different in England” – Birmingham City goalkeeper Ian Bennett and Chelsea goalkeeper Dmitri Kharine both rejected his bribe.
  • Dan Tan (another notorious fixer) bribed stadium electricians to turn off floodlights in order to try force a Champions League game to be abandoned (Barcelona vs Fenerbahce in 2001).
  • World Cup 2010 qualifications were fixed to allow Nigeria to qualify but Wilson Raj didn’t receive his part of the deal after the Nigerians qualified.
  • MATCH-FIXING FAIL – tried to fix Bosnia to win Zimbabwe but Bosnia was so terrible that Zimbabwe had trouble conceding and accidentally scored a volley from the halfway line.
  • Fixing the Syrian league by paying 10,000 USD per player per match – even though he could offer the Syrians much lower, Wilson Raj believes in “giving them what they deserve”. Scorelines in Syria were always fixed at 2-1.
  • Fixing the 1996 Atlanta Olympics – worked with the Tunisian team.
  • Forced Togo-Australia youth game to be abandoned in order to get his bet refunded – by getting red cards and injuries till the team was down to 6 men.
  • Newspaper published result of Malaysian Cup fixture before the game was even played!
  • Italian Serie A – the Italians fixed games and came to Wilson Raj to bet 1 million EUR. Wilson Raj and his syndicate could bet up to 3 million EUR, so they rode on the free intelligence from the Italians.
  • How it all fell apart – Wilson Raj was arrested in Finland after a domestic flight (even though he used a different name on his passport).

Other Allegations (by Wilson Raj)

  • Suspicious games – Wilson Raj claims that Chelsea vs Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final was “absolutely ridiculous”.
  • Another game that was suspect to him was when Zenit St. Petersburg beat Bayern Munich in the UEFA Cup.
  • When Lokomotiv Moscow played Thailand, “they all knew the result was going to be 0-0”. Lokomotiv also lost to China deliberately in the same tournament.
  • FIFA World Cup 2022 bid won by Qatar – “corruption must have taken place”.
  • World Cup 2010 finals – North Korea lost to Portugal 7-0 (Wilson Raj explains his theory).
  • Best way to fix games is to bring African teams to Asian tournaments.
  • Eastern European matches – integrity always in doubt.

Useful Takeaways (from the video)

  • How to spot a corrupt match – not based on result, instead look at the movement of odds (how it fluctuates).
  • Professional gamblers use Asian bookmakers when they need to place huge bets – up to 120,000 EUR per match.

Disclaimer: Great care was taken to transcribe as accurately as possible what was revealed in the documentary. However, I’m not responsible for the veracity of the claims and allegations made in the video.

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