The Fastest Way To Beat The Bookies (Works Like Magic)

This is a quick update blog post for new readers, because there are many of you here.

For regular readers and long-time followers, please bear with me. Some of you have been asking for new articles, and my reply to these folks is: Have you already read all the existing articles? The fact is there is only so much to say. People tell me I’m pretty good at explaining things clearly, so chances are you already know what you need to know. All that is left is to TAKE ACTION and act on your knowledge.

Team Diego started in 2017, and 2018 was the year when we really exploded in growth. To be clear, by the end of 2017 we already had members from all six continents of the world. But thanks to the interest in soccer betting brought upon by the 2018 FIFA World Cup, our team expanded in tremendous fashion and I can barely keep up.

My clients cannot even comment on my social media without Lazy Freeloaders harassing them to divulge Team Diego’s Magic (aka my draw picks). The 2 screenshots below were sent to me by one of our members.

team diego magic part 1

team diego magic part 2

In 2019, we will be on a whole new level, kicking bookies’ asses all over the planet.

So, back to the original topic…

The Fastest Way To Beat The Bookies (Works Like Magic)

Everyone who has joined Team Diego knows that the fastest way is to join Team Diego.

The second fastest way is to subscribe to my Email List and Telegram Channel.

Don’t believe? Just ask the thousands of subscribers on my Email List who followed my free tips during the Chinese New Year Challenge and made $500 in profits.

Or this Telegram Channel subscriber who turned $10 into $2700 at a Vegas Casino.

lucky 31 acca win (team diego telegram member)

If you have been following me since 2017 or 2018, you already know how Team Diego’s magic works. Our 2 secret ingredients are:

Bet on Draws + Increasing Stake Betting System

To this end, there have been plenty of information on this blog published over the past 2 years. The most comprehensive articles summarizing everything you need to know are:

How To Make $100,000 A Year Betting On Draws

2018 Team Diego Review

You will be good to go after reading any one of them (don’t worry, the articles will open in a new tab while we continue with this post).

Once you learn WHY we only bet on draws and HOW to use our Increasing Stake Betting System, you will understand exactly why you’re seeing so many real life testimonials from Team Diego members throughout this entire blog.

Here are more recent testimonials. One from a relatively new Dutch member, as well as one from an old long-time Bulgarian member.

fastest way to beat the bookies (dutch client)

fastest way to beat the bookies (bulgaria client)

How To Get FREE Draw Picks

The wrong way is to email me and ask, beg, or demand for freebies shamelessly. That’s the surefire way to get your email address blacklisted and yourself banned from purchasing any of my products/services in future.

I’m serious about it. Every single day I have the honor and enjoyment of blocking/banning/deleting dozens of people.

The correct way is to join my Email List and Telegram Channel where I occasionally send out free picks. I don’t announce these beforehand as they are usually spontaneous spur-of-the-moment events. Barber called me handsome today and I’m in a good mood? Okay I will send some draw tips. Situations like that.

I also alternate between the 2 main communication channels, so if you hate missing out then your best bet is to subscribe to both.


First, there is an email opt-in box at the end of every blog post (including this one). You will see it when you scroll down. You need to enter an email address that you check frequently, and enter it correctly with no typos.

Second, you need to go to your inbox to find the confirmation email and confirm your subscription. It may be in your junk folder if you don’t see it. After doing that, you will receive your first email immediately.

Third, you would want to ensure that you ALWAYS receive and see my emails on time. You can do this by adding us to your Safe Sender List (click here for the guide, it only takes 5 seconds to set it up).

Note: Please only sign up ONCE. You don’t need to sign up again if you’ve subscribed in the past. You also DO NOT NEED to use 6 different email addresses to sign up. There have been people doing that previously and I deleted all of them for spamming my list.


First, Telegram is a free messaging app that you can download on your smartphone. It takes 30 seconds to download the mobile app here.

Second, just join the official Team Diego Announcement Channel here. Note: this is a channel where you will only receive my announcements. It is NOT a chat group so you don’t have to see 1000 notifications daily.


I don’t give out extended periods of free draw picks often. This is purely to be fair to all my paying customers. In 2018, there were only 2 occasions – I gave out 1 month of tips during the June-July FIFA World Cup, and almost 1 week of tips over Thanksgiving.

Going forward, I will try to do it a bit more frequently on the 2 platforms mentioned above.

At the end of January to the beginning of February, we had the Chinese New Year Challenge for our Email List. The goal was to help you make $500 in net profits if you followed my free draw picks using $20 starting stake with our Increasing Stake Betting System.

We achieved our goal in about 12 days, just in time on the first day of the Chinese New Year – overall we won 13 draws from 35 picks. $500 profits for our Email List subscribers just like that!

More recently in our Telegram Channel, you saw how we only took 4 days to make $500. This is because we went on a superb streak, winning 11 draws in 18 picks. In just FOUR DAYS! One of the draws even had unusually high odds of 4.36.

On the 4th day of that crazy run, I decided to share 5 free picks for our guys on Telegram. That’s when one of you had the wild idea to use the 5 picks to play a Lucky 31 Accumulator bet…. winning $2700 with $10 when we got 4 out of 5. Note: I don’t recommend accumulators and that’s not our Draw System, but our Telegram member who got the free picks did it and managed to get lucky.

BONUS: Where to follow J.K. Diego on Social Media?

The social links are in the right sidebar of this blog if you’re on desktop. For your convenience, here are my:



You can check out my YouTube Channel and subscribe if you want to see me talk about random topics. More specifically, I’ve started a new series called “Diego’s Rules for a Good Life” where I explain some of the important principles that I use to conduct my life. If you absolutely hate seeing my face, then do not subscribe. You have been warned. You will probably not want to visit my Instagram either.

But if you DO visit my Instagram, you can see how a side effect of making $20,000-$100,000 on draws is that beautiful women will begin calling you King (or Daddy).



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Meet Diego in Person (2019 World Tour)

One of my personal to-do this year is to relax a bit more, take life a bit easier, and travel a bit more.

At the end of last year, I was overseas on holiday and had several guys recognized me separately. This made me realize meeting some readers and followers in person may not be a bad idea, haha.

Besides – many people always say to me: “Diego, you’re my hero. If you ever come to my country, I will treat you to XXX.”

Therefore, here I am! LOL.

I already have plans to meet some long-time Team Diego members in the coming year.

If you wish to meet up with me in person, comment below this blog post the City/Country you’re based in. From my own data, I know there is someone in almost every major city reading this. I will take your comments into consideration when planning my travel schedule.

Take care and see you soon!

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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  7. Hey Diego how often you go on with a bad run? lets say about 10games or so in 12 months? I did se 2018 results and the worst run was 9 game loss. Wich is very very impressive!:O I soon gonna join i spare to my bankroll. Gonna try out the 1.5 X increase stake but iam gonna afford just 10losses. Great site man i enjoyed reading ur blog posts and learned alot. Keeps up the good work !

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