1 Year Of Betting On Draws – $22,000 Net Profits For 2018

Team Diego 2018 Year-In-Review: 472 Draws Won, Bookies Beaten

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Subject: How we beat the bookies by betting on draws with the beauty of Team Diego’s Increasing Stake Betting System, and made $22,000 in net profits last year.

Back in July 2018, I wrote a very comprehensive blog post about how we are using the Increasing Stake Betting System to make impressive profits just by betting on draws in soccer matches.

This article will serve as an update and give you a complete picture of exactly how things stand after an entire year of betting on draws.

As usual, our top clients with the biggest bankrolls are able to make in excess of $100,000 net profits on an annual basis. They do this by beginning with $100 bets. But the fact is most of Team Diego’s members do not stake so heavily. So we shall stick to using the example of our average member who usually starts with $20 bets.

Here are the final statistics for the year of 2018. Across 365 days…

We placed a total of 1118 draw bets, of which we won 472 of them. This means that the average member who follows our Increasing Stake Betting System with $20 initial stake have made a total net profit of $22,019.33 last year.

Let’s pause for a moment and let me pose this question to you…

What If You Could Make An Extra $22,000 This Year?

What Would You Spend On?

Go on a vacation?

We did so well in 2018 that I decided to take a month-long vacation at the end of the year (still can’t bear to leave as I type this, but this is where I’ve been for the past 4 weeks)

Or maybe pay off your medical bills?

Trust me, money makes life a hell lot easier. When you have money, most of your problems magically disappear. Not all, but most.

Heck, I suffer from chronic illness as I’ve talked about openly before here so I know how it’s like to have doctors to visit, medication to buy, and blood tests to take.

People who say money can’t buy happiness are full of shit because my doctors aren’t gonna see me for free.

Anyways… whatever you would like to do with some extra money in your pocket, just know this –

No one else out there has developed a formula for beating the bookies like we have.

After nearly 500 draws over the span of a year, we have beaten the bookies and we will continue to do so this year in 2019 and beyond.

The proof is in the pudding.

Our betting system works and I have seen it work since 2016. That’s undisputed.

I assume you have read this blog and know how our Increasing Stake Method with regards to draw betting works. But in case you’re new here, I’ve described the method in various articles, feel free to read just any one of them and you will be crystal clear.

How To Make $100,000 A Year Betting On Draws (published in July 2018)

How To Win Big On Football Bets In The Long Run (published in December 2017)

The Best Soccer Tipsters & Betting System (published in May 2017)

If you truly understand the betting system, you will know that it is virtually impossible NOT to profit in the long run.

To do a very quick summary, this is the method I have been using to great results since 2016…

We ONLY bet on draws. Starting with $20 bet, we increase our stake by 1.5 times whenever we lose a bet, and keep doing so until we win a draw. Once we have gotten the draw, we immediately revert to our $20 base stake on the next game.

Why Is Everybody Talking About TEAM DIEGO?

The blog posts mentioned above feature TONS of happy testimonials from my Team Diego members all over Planet Earth.

Yes, we have clients from all 6 continents of the world (minus Antarctica, but that’s okay).

In addition, I’ve also conducted 2 exclusive interviews so far with my clients:

Video Interview with Tommy (published November 2018)

Written Interview with Thomas (published October 2017)

Literally no one else in the industry (or anyone who claims to be an expert at soccer betting) is as transparent as I am.

  • I show people my face.
  • I recruited volunteers to compile our 2018 betting history (which you can get a FREE copy if you subscribe to this blog with your email address at the end of this article).
  • Heck, I even show people where I’m living/playing (if you follow my Instagram stories, lol).

Everyone else in the sports and soccer betting industry just hide behind some fake identities. SAD!

What To Do If You Don’t Have The Bankroll For The Increasing Stake Betting System?

Alright guys, I understand that most people don’t have sufficient bankroll to play our betting system like we do.

That’s fine. It’s meant to be that way. Because we only want serious bettors to join us.

However, as I’m doing the math, it dawned on me that with our annual 42% hit rate (472 draws won out of 1118 picks), even if you DO NOT follow the Increasing Stake Betting System… you can bet normally (e.g. $50 flat stake on all of my picks), and potentially be making HUGE PROFITS.

Let’s do the math, shall we?

In 2018, if you had bet $50 on every single one of my 1118 picks…

Total amount staked: $55,900

Total amount won: 472 draws X $50 per bet X average odds of 3.14 = $74,104

NET PROFITS: $18,204

That’s still a pretty decent profit of about $1,500 a month.

The downside is that your returns will be more inconsistent. For example, in 2018, our best month (in terms of number of draws) was January when we had 52 draws while we only saw 31 draws in February. Be prepared to see your profit fluctuate throughout the year but you should be fine as long as you think long term (averaged out over the course of a year or more).

But here’s the advantage: You need a significantly smaller bankroll to start!

With the increasing stake system, you are going to need $5200 in total if we hit a crazy run of terrible, bad luck and lose 11 games in a row ($20 + $30 + $45 + $68 + $102 + $153 + $230 + $345 + $518 + $777 + $1166 +$1749 = $5203).

In contrast, if you’re just betting $50 flat stake on every game, you would only need $600 to pull through the same hypothetical situation.

For those of you who don’t have the bankroll to try out our Increasing Stake Betting System yet, you may wish to try betting flat/equal stakes on all my picks (as long as your profits are more than my $497/month fee, why not!).

Which beings me to my next point…

Why Are My Fees So Darn “Expensive”?

Well, I am expensive.

This is because the betting system I teach AND more importantly the daily picks I send to our members are tried-and-tested, high-impact stuff that can radically change your life.

I’ve studied and specialized in soccer draws for the past 3 years and am confident I’m the best in this niche. Which happens to be the most profitable betting niche – I say this with certainty after exploring many areas and strategies in my 10-year gambling career.

The subscription fee to my daily draw picks is 497 USD a month.

To be perfectly honest – our members find the fees very reasonable, considering:

1) On average, I send out close to 100 picks a month, so that’s $5 per tip which takes many hours of in-depth research and analysis.

2) The typical member of our team makes $2,000 – $4,000 a month in net profits. Highest-earning clients (with the biggest bankrolls) make anywhere from $8,000 – $10,000 every month.

3) Team Diego is growing at an incredible speed. New members are joining every day from North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, South America… you name it.

I’m sure we must be doing something right.

Remember, we are focusing on (a) draws that tend to be value bets and (b) obscure leagues that the market pays lesser attention to. Since I started betting on draws and realized how powerful this is – I have stopped all other kinds of betting. You will, too. Because, why bother?

Cool Data & Statistics for 2018

Annual NET PROFIT earned by Team Diego members

  • Ranges from $20,000 – $115,000+

Total draw PICKS sent out to Team Diego

  • 1118 games

Total draws WON

  • 472 draws (42% hit rate, which can be further increased by strategically using the “cash-out” option during certain games to avoid late goals ruining our draws. Cashing out can be very helpful if you’re using the Increasing Stake System and run into a bad run of consecutive losses!)

Average ODDS of our picks

  • 3.14 (assuming you use the bookmaker with the highest odds every game)


  • July ($2317.09, with $20 initial stake using Increasing Stake System)

Month with MOST DRAWS:

  • January (52 draws from 105 picks)

Top 5 countries/leagues that produced the most wins for us:

  • Brazil (60 draws)
  • Argentina (40 draws)
  • Spain (35 draws)
  • Italy (23 draws)
  • South Africa (22 draws)

Note: This does NOT necessarily mean that these leagues are the best to bet on draws, as the domestic leagues in these countries have A LOT of divisions (so they add up). For instance, “Spain” consists not just the Spanish La Liga, but plenty of lower leagues below the top tier.

To see our full 2018 historical betting record (all 1118 games), subscribe to this blog with your email address to receive a free copy. You can do it right below this blog post.

Want To Join Us & Kick Some Ass?

To conclude, our Team Diego draw betting system is not for everyone. I turn away many people who contact me on a daily basis. Our team is a team of serious bettors and you will need a decent bankroll to make this work for you. It certainly isn’t for everyone!

As of now, all our current members (many who joined in 2018 and also some who have been with us since 2017) are following the Increasing Stake Betting System. Which is why my daily picks are consistent with the system (each game being at least 2 hours apart, since we need to know the result of each game before staking on the next one). That is how they made over $22,000 last year.

So… do you have an answer in your mind now? What would you do if you had an extra $22,000 (or more) this year?

If you’re serious about making this year the best year of your life & finally living the life of your dreams…

You know what to do…

Click here to join Team Diego and start winning today.

Talk soon!

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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  1. Hello diego
    I would like to thank you so much.i have to admit that for now I have no money even for just betting but since I am finishing my university I want to look for money even if it means saving soo that I can subscribe to your daily tips.i assure you even if it takes one year.i must subscribe.

  2. hi Diego,my name is saoyo letim,am from kenya.I have been betting for so long but i hven’t succeded and now i’w like to join you group please.

  3. Hi Diego
    If you can make $18000 don’t you have to take off the subscription thats $6000 that would leave you with $12000 ? Is this correct ? In Australian dollars thats 736 dollars a month ?? Pity you cant work out something to get people up and running paying that sort of money per month is a lot . You come across as an intelligent being put your thinking cap on to help those to pay for subscription initially ?? Means a lot more money for you does it not ? Interesting to hear your reply ?

    Thanks James

    • Hi James,

      You’re not the first to suggest lowering my prices, and won’t be the last. Truth is – my prices will only go up in future (and not down).

      With my readership, I can easily quadruple my membership if I lower my prices. This may affect the market odds of my selections.

      It is my intention to keep my team small and only cater to the people with the biggest bankrolls.

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    Can I find a statistic for 2019?

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    My problem is If the Booker limit my bet so in case of loosing eight or night bet in a row I must to bet 700€ what hapend if some time don’t let me

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