The One Defining Trait That Separates Winners From Losers

Subject: Winners vs Losers (and how to enjoy your life)

Over the years, I have come to realize the truth of the maxim “You are the average of the five people you most associate with”. As a result, I have dramatically cut down on the amount of bullshit people I spend time with and the amount of bullshit stuff I consume, listen, and read.

If you want to be a winner, you have to be constantly exposed to the winning mindset.

If you want to keep being a loser, then keep spending time with losers and listen to what mainstream society tells you.

The people you surround yourself with will shape your mindset and affect how you think.

Hanging around winners instill a winning mentality in you. This fact is becoming more apparent to me as I get older. These days I have a very low tolerance for idiots and do not have time to entertain losers.

I look back at the average folks I’ve distanced myself from and the winners I’ve learned from, and realize there is something special that differentiates them…

The ONE Defining Trait That Separates Winners From Losers

What’s the difference between people who achieve great things and those who remain ordinary their entire life?

You can immediately tell just from where and what they spend their resources (time, energy, money) on.

The former is internally focused, while the latter is externally focused.

Winners improve their life by focusing on the things they can exert control over. Losers focus on the outside world to distract/entertain themselves because they have nothing going on in their own.

When you meet a winner, he is interested in what he can do to improve his income/business/financial success. When you meet a loser, he is interested to know which friend of friend just got knocked up three months’ pregnant so he can gossip to Sally.

(A corollary to this is the producers versus consumers mindset I’ve discussed before.)

Winners possess the uncanny ability to block out all the toxic trash from the outside world and focus on themselves. They follow their own timeline that they set for themselves – not the arbitrary one that their family and friends expect them to follow.

Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise

This is a great proverb that holds so much truth.

You can easily judge who is the stupidest person in the room by observing who speak the most or create the most fuss.

People with high IQ are often the exact opposite. But when they do speak, be sure to listen and absorb their gems of wisdom.

In the cryptocurrency discussion groups I have seen, the people who make the most noise are the worst traders/investors. Not surprisingly they give terrible advice and always end up complaining about losing money a few days later. The successful guys stay silent 98% of the time. And the 2% of the time when they do speak, you know it will be something insightful.

Why I NEVER, Ever, Try To Persuade/Convince Anyone

Back in the days when I was less enlightened, I used to spend hours debating politics with faceless strangers online.

I now know better.

Whether in business or dating, you should never try to persuade anyone.

You see, it is a paradox.

The less I try to convince people to become my clients, the more clients I have. Because I can spend my time to better serve the people who are interested to (or even dying to) work with me.

In my consulting business (both soccer betting as well as crypto consulting), I receive dozens of emails every day. The emails are usually 500-words of rambling but the gist is like this:

“Diego, I love your work so much and you look like a good person. Can you please convince me why I should be your client?”

I simply reply: “I’m not here to convince you. You don’t have to trust me if you’re not comfortable. There are many others out there you can look for.”

100% of my clients who found me discovered me by themselves. I spend $0 on advertising and have zero interest in donating my money to evil corporations like Facebook.

All I do is focus on making my shit great and the money rolls in just like that.

I don’t waste time trying to persuade anybody. And neither should you. That girl from Tinder trying to play hard to get? Ignore her, NEXT!

I guess that is what the gurus call an “abundance mentality”. This “take-it-or-leave-it” attitude is powerful.

You think Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by trying to persuade his haters? No, he won by doubling down and tripling down on his supporter base.

Focus on being the best version of yourself and let people either be attracted or repelled. Just look at this comment someone left that began with “While I very much dislike the alarmist and edgy tone throughout this site…”.

Men Are Becoming Women

To be internally-focused you should be discussing ideas. It is easy to spot externally-focused people (who make up 90% of society anyway) as they are always discussing other people’s bullshit and gossip.

As the wonderful adage goes:

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

If I wrote this article 20 years ago, I’d probably say something like: “Men tend to discuss ideas and women tend to discuss people. This is because the masculine nature of men predisposes them to be internally focused, striving for personal achievement and self-improvement. Feminine energy predisposes women to be more externally focused.”

I can’t write the above paragraph today – not because I give a fuck about being politically correct, but because men are becoming women. Due to cultural Marxism, the beta-ization of males, and epidemic of low testosterone/high estrogen in men, we can no longer differentiate men and women today.

All around the world, we see men who prefer indulging in mindless gossip like teenage girls, protesting in the streets against politicians instead of working on internal solutions, following brainless trends/fads rather than building something for themselves…

How sad.

Choose to be a Winner today and I’ll see you in the next post.

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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