Why Is J.K. Diego Such A Jerk? (The Truth Behind Why Betting Tipsters Don’t Show Their Faces)

Why Is J.K. Diego Such A Jerk?

(The Truth Behind Why Betting Tipsters Don’t Show Their Faces)

Why is J.K. Diego such a jerk?

The simple answer is: My clients work with me not because I am a nice guy. They work with me because I make them plenty of money.

Many people don’t like working with jerks, and that’s totally fine with me.

The other day, one of my Team Diego members told me: he calculated his profits over the past 12 months and it was over $100,000.

Disclaimer: This guy is a high roller, he starts with $100 bets because he has a huge bankroll. Not everyone in our team makes this much. But that’s another story for another day.

The funny thing is, most of my members think J.K. Diego is a nice person. Don’t be mistaken. They only think I’m nice because I help them make a hell lot of profits.

Be careful of nice guys

Be careful of people who are overly nice. When someone is overly nice to you for no reason, your money is the reason. Have you ever met insurance agents and financial advisors who are so nice to you? They have to be nice to you. Because they NEED you to buy their shit. But can they be trusted?

This is the fundamental difference between J.K. Diego and all the other tipsters and so-called “betting gurus” out there. The other tipsters are rich because they are so nice they managed to convince you to buy their tips. Their tips are worthless and cause you to lose money – and you know that. But they get rich at your expense.

Me? I don’t give a shit whether people join my team or not. In fact – every single day, I literally turn down dozens of potential clients who email me shit like: “Oh Diego, I have lost so much money betting. Can you convince me why I should join your team?” All these emails instantly go into the trash, where they belong. I don’t have time for such nonsense.

Whether I have 50, 100, or 0 members in Team Diego, it doesn’t make a difference to me. I will still make plenty of money, like the client who made over $100,000 in one year, because my betting system works. Period.

Oh by the way, talking about other tipsters in our industry…

And be extra careful of anonymous “experts”

Question: Why the hell does no one else, except J.K. Diego, dare to show their face? Either they are damn bloody ugly (unlike me), or they are just full of bullshit. It’s hilarious. The other day I was watching a so-called betting expert’s video on YouTube, and that guy was wearing a mask. As if he were Guy Fawkes. Come on, moron!

So remember, beware of nice guys and faceless gurus. Have a good day.

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Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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