People Who Have Kids Are The Most Selfish People In The World

TRIGGER WARNING: This post will offend 85% of people who read it. Proceed at your own risk.

Say No To Kids

Nope, you did NOT read the title of this post wrongly. Nor did I left out any words or made a typo.

Let’s turn the conventional wisdom about how “people who choose not to reproduce are selfish” around 180 degrees.

I’m not exactly anti-human. Well, maybe I am. I might also be an emotionless sociopath.

But it’s more accurate to say I am anti-procreation.

Think before you breed. If there is only one message you take away from this article, let it be this.

We have been conditioned and culturally indoctrinated to think that we are hard-wired to reproduce. That’s what everyone does, isn’t it?

Few people even think twice or question the default path programmed for them by society. Grow up, get married, have 2.5 kids.

Come no, have a little self-awareness.

If you are childless, you are the odd one out. People ask ‘Why don’t you have kids?’. But nobody thought to ask them ‘Why do you CHOOSE to have kids?’, as though it is completely normal and only the reverse requires justification.

Pro-life people are nothing but pro-suffering. Plain and simple. I would actually respect them more if they are actually honest about their intentions.

They rather deny people access to abortion in order to feel good and holy about themselves. Never mind if the poor fetus has to suffer horrible parenting or serious abnormalities.

They tell you “children are a blessing” without giving two shits about all the suffering and overpopulation that already exist on Mother Earth.

Fuck You.

Anyway, this is not a debate about abortion (because there is no case at all). This discussion goes much deeper than that. It’s about the whole fundamental idea that reproduction (a.k.a. replicating your shitty genes that you think are good enough to warrant passing down) should be a “natural” or “good” thing at all.

People who DO have kids are the most selfish people in the world, and procreation is the single most selfish act any human being can do.

Don’t hate the messenger. I’m only here to tell the truth.

Let’s look at the commonly cited reasons for procreation, and I’ll expose them for the selfish reasons they are.

What are the reasons to have kids?

A) The Blatantly Selfish

1) To carry on your family name/tradition (Asian favorite)

Listen dude, when you die you die. Nobody gives a shit about your family name. Who the hell do you think you are? Some Ancient China Emperor?

Try doing something great if you want your name to live on after your death.

2) Insurance against old age (Asian favorite)

I can’t decide whether to put this reason under the Selfish category or Stupid category.

The Selfish part is pretty self-evident, so I won’t waste my breath. Buy some insurance policies instead, you dumb fuck.

Let’s talk about the Stupid part. Firstly, do you know how much it costs to raise a child from birth to adulthood? From an investment and financial returns POV, it’s plain dumb. Secondly, can you guarantee they will be healthy, live well (not be hit by a major illness that requires YOU to take care of them for the rest of your life), and eventually be financially successful? Thirdly, even if your kids turn out well, what makes you think they will give two fucks about you when you’re old? I’d rather not take the chance.

3) Unique life experience

Still all about you, you, you. The unborn child doesn’t have a say whether it wants to come into existence or not. But you are totally fine with bringing a life into the world, all for the sake of experiencing your so-called once-in-a-lifetime experience?

If you’re after the experience of parenthood, I say go for it IF AND ONLY IF you’re confident you would be a great parent. But guess what? You can always adopt unwanted babies that are already born. No need for creating a life just to fulfill your own desire for life experience. More on adoption later.

B) Cleverly Stupidly Disguised Selfishness

1) “I want to nurture and bring up a child!”

Ah, nice try at gaining admiration as bystanders lavish praise at your virtues.

I’m not falling for it though. You’re selfish because the child doesn’t exist. Yet you’re creating a life just so you could fulfill your own “nurturing” instincts/desires. And get 1,000 likes on Instagram each time you post a picture of your cute little offspring.

2) To let my children experience the joy of existence

Hold on, they don’t exist yet. What you really mean is you want to create a life so you can have a play thing.

Let me ask you this – can you guarantee with 100% certainty that your kids will NOT be born with genetic defects, serious medical conditions, or otherwise have a shitty life?

No, you can’t.

Yet you rather take a chance at bringing a non-existent life into this world. Because it’s a fucking game of chance right?

Remember: the unborn child doesn’t even exist yet! It doesn’t have any say whether it wants to exist. NO CONSENT!

3) Religion

Religion is very insidious. It’s performed in such a crafty Machiavellian way that most people don’t realize. Ever wondered why religions preach that “children are a blessing”?

Organized religions have an agenda. They want people to have more kids. Especially if you belong to their group. That’s how they grow their religious following.

Step 1: Dictate that offspring of your followers shall be born into the religion. If not, ensure that their parents choose religion for their young ones before they possess self-awareness.

Step 2 (Optional): Impose sanctions (moral, legal, or otherwise) for leaving the religion.

There you go, How To Grow Your Organization 101.

C) The Utterly Stupid, Moronic And Brainless

1) Kids are a “gift” from heaven


2) Babies are sooo cute!

Yeah right, dumbfuck. Go work as a nursery teacher or a nanny. Your workplace will always be filled with cute kiddos. Your own baby isn’t going to stay a baby forever, you realize that right? It will eventually grow into an obnoxious teenager.

3) To save a failing marriage, spice up a boring marriage, force someone to marry you, or some variation.

Requires an article by itself to discuss. And then 5 follow-up articles about the stupid idea of marriage.

4) “I want to give my parents grandchildren!” (Asian favorite)

Wow, talk about letting others live your life for you. Complete inability to resist societal pressure. Loser.

5) It’s human nature!

You know what is human nature? To reproduce till you drop, just like animals in the wild. Go on and breed a dozen kids, please don’t stop at 2.5 because it’s not natural!

D) The Ultimate Sad

1) “I missed my abortion appointment.”

This is as sad as the next one.

2) “Everybody is doing it! I don’t want to be left out.” (read: someone else expects me to do it, so I’m going to do it)

As hilarious as it is, it’s not actually funny. Most people (85%) fall into this category, somewhat.

Most people simply live life by going with the flow (except for the highly intelligent).

They don’t do what they want. Instead, they do what they THINK they should want, or what others expect them to.


If you don’t want to fall into this sad category, you need to immediately bookmark this blog and read all my posts. Learn how to Live Free and forge your own path.

Now let’s see what are the (non-selfish) reasons to NOT have kids?

We already know the selfish reasons for not having kids (career, money, personal time etc). After all, society has characterized and stigmatized the voluntarily childless as selfish. How ironic.

Let me give you 3 non-selfish reasons instead.

I) Vast majority of people are simply NOT suited to be good parents

How many fucked up parents have you met whose their kids would be better off without such horrible parents?

How many screwed up people have you come across in life? (Statistically, most of them would go on to be parents.)

Being parents should be the exception rather than the norm. But of course society wants us to think that being parents should be the default and “natural” choice. They got it completely reversed!

II) Reduce human suffering

Too many people contribute to unnecessary human suffering by selfishly subjecting their offspring to increased risks of hereditary diseases and medical conditions. While life expectancy is on the rise, the number of years spent in poor health is also rising!

On a related note, the celebration of celebrities bearing children in later life is frankly disgusting. Have you read all the medical research on the risks? Paternal age is as vital as maternal age, by the way. There are plenty of devastating health risks that older fathers pass on.

In my uniquely asshole-ish opinion, older parents (having a child from your late 30s onward) are exceptionally ignorant and they are selfish assholes. It’s one thing to do it in your grandparent’s generation when medical science hadn’t warned them of the risks. You now know better, and ignorance is not an excuse. If you’re too stupid to read up and know better, then don’t pass on your low IQ genes.

III) Environment/Over-population

The planet is already overpopulated and dying. We are not even taking good care of the people who are already alive.

BTW, technology will ensure that 50% of all jobs will vanish within the next few decades. New jobs created will be vastly insufficient. Unless you’re Golden Trump, your kids are likely to live in poverty.

What’s The Alternative?

One word – Adoption.

If you really love children, think about all the unwanted babies in the world (that are already born) that could use your help.

Think about all the orphans who could use your love and care. Provide a home for them.

If you can’t contemplate the radical idea of adoption, then you’re a selfish bastard and you just proved my title for this article 100% right.

Why the mindless obsession with bloodlines? Is your partner related to you by blood?

Why biological children? What’s the point? To have kids that look like you? Share your DNA/genome/shitty genetic material? All about YOU, isn’t it? Told ya you’re a selfish prick.

I don’t care how you try to justify. You can say you were born with a maternal/paternal instinct and you gotta do what you gotta do. But you’re still a narcissistic selfish scum who wants children that look like yourself. Just admit it. At least you’re being honest.

If you need to have children in order to live a fulfilling life, adoption is the way to go.

If you just need a companion, adopt a pet (not a kid).

Conclusion: Call me Anti-life, I don’t care.

Most people don’t consider the seriousness of having kids, they literally think it’s child’s play. This topic doesn’t receive the scrutiny it deserves, because society needs us to keep reproducing, consuming, and upholding consumerist culture.

I am anti-procreation. I am pro-liberty and my mission is to preach the message of freedom.

Similar to marriage, I only know of parents who regret having kids (even though in most instances, psychological research has shown that the human brain is really good at rationalizing bad choices).

Never heard a voluntarily childless person saying “I regret not having kids.”

Ditch the shackles society placed on you. Celebrate the freedom to think for yourself, make conscious choices, and not procreate.

Join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEM).

I’ll see you in the next post.

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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  1. If I weren’t already engaged I’d probably ask you to marry me. I’d also like to add that IVF is inexcusable, disgusting narcissism and should be illegal. The fact that there is government and insurance assistance for it but not for adoption is appalling and disgraceful.

  2. Some of the best comments I saw on a related sub-Reddit you might enjoy:


    By giving birth, I would be sentencing the child to suffering and death without its consent. I’d rather commit suicide than live with the guilt of being effectively a murderer.

    Having biological kids is creating a need and then hopefully solving it. In my analogy, it would be equivalent to the fireman starting the fires he has to put out.

    As a female, I feel I have 100% say when it comes to procreating. If an “accident” happens (and thankfully none have yet), it will be up to me to ultimately decide whether my husband and I now have a child or not. Not, of course.

    Males have 0 say though. And with strict child support laws, it does seem like if a pregnancy happens and doesn’t get terminated, their only options are to either provide or kill themselves.

  3. This short video pretty much sums up abortion: 😉

  4. Your ability to not give a fuck is awesome, your articles always give me a laugh.

    I feel you on the passing down of poor genetics. While I have phenomenal muscle building genetics, my mental health and physical health is not something I wish to give to a child if there is even a slight chance they would have to go through the cancer, fatigue, anxiety, depression etc etc that I have had to. A quick look down my family tree shows some definite similarities so my child may not be so lucky either.

    My heart aches for orphans, or those children up for adoption. Adoption is something that would ease my soul if I can do it in the future. There are some perfectly good people who suffer an extremely tough life because no one was there to take care of them, simply because they were tending to their 5 childen.

    Keep up the awesome articles brother!

    • Thanks for the insightful comment, Alex.

      LOL @ “phenomenal muscle building genetics” 😉

      With the ongoing refugee ban hoo-ha in the US, this Facebook post speaks a lot of truth:

      While she may not have the full picture (e.g. the children may not be biological family, perhaps someone else’s children after their parents died in the war, the issue of birth control access in 3rd world countries), many of her points are still valid.

  5. Yes finally people that have intelligence! Most people have their heads so burried it is so sad. I try to explain this to people they just don’t get it! They have videos (abortion) and say how could you kill the angel of cells lol! No let those grow into a person that’s so much better,then it can be kidnapped, raped or murdered! I try to explain how millions of children have starved to death! Response what does that have to do with anything! They are going to have their baby and who cares about anyone else! Unbelievable

  6. I’ve been looking into this recently, there’s a whole academy field around moral philosophy of procreation, the right to have children etc. Personally I think it’s horrible to want to have your own child when there are so so many millions of orphans and children in developing countries who didn’t win the location lottery and ended up coming out into a world of suffering. I think it’s entirely cultural, the desire to have your own kids. It’s a Zeitgeist that could be changed, just as its now morally reprehensible to be racist, I hope that one day people feel it is immoral to produce your own child when you could give the opportunity to a kid who really needs it.

    • Wonderful comment. I fully agree. Wanting to reproduce yourself and create a mini-version of yourself smacks of narcissism and should not be encouraged.

    • Tatiana Please save a street dog

      ANd do not forget we domesticated dogs from wolves so they are highly intelligent but social so they require homes and there are billions dying on the street adopt do not breed or buy a “pure” inbred.

  7. I have a really bad case of aspergers syndrome autism and my life has been nothing buta living hell there is seriously not one God damn day where I didn’t wish Id been aborted my life has been nothing but loneliness isolation, bullying severe very painful debilitating sensory overload I cant drive I cant date I cant keep the most basic two minute conversation going. Its so humiliating I get made fun of fired at most jobs for being too “quiet” even though its not something I can control and my employers damn well knew that! My own religious family members even exclude me out of activities what people need to understand is that aspergers effects everyone differently its not just this super “high functioning not that bad” disorder for some people its hell on earth and I would NEVER reproduce EVER I would NEVER put another human being through the hell I have suffered I have heard some autistic people say “oh I have suffered a lot but I don’t care I deserve my freedom people like that and people who keep poplin em out even if there kid has terrible genetic conditions that will screw up there life should be in prison and see how the hell they like it! If they don’t like having a life sentence maybe they shouldn’t be forcing one on there kidthat they apperently LOOOOVVEE SO MUCH! Selfish bastards! Plus those ass hats who have a kid and sit and guilt them oh I have to FEED you! Its like what are you going to do bring me into the world to potentially suffer and suffer and suffer and then let me STARVE? Ugh people are such selfish idiots! My mom was like. You should be SO grateful I made SO many sacrifices to bring you here I got fat to bring you here! She had me nearly three decades ago and she STILL to this day tells me this its like you still think having me is a legitimate excuse after nearly thirty years ok you. Ugh and religion is the WORST I grew up in the mormon cult they tell young kids to recklessly reproduce even if they don’t want kids or cant afford them and it drives me nuts!!! My mormon bro doesn’t even LIKE kids but he keeps poplin em out cause GAWD tells him too! Its like is that fair to the kid? Some mormons even act happy when others suffer I even heard some idiots saying oh isn’t it great that persons terminally ill now they can suffer just like the savior! Oh ya sufferings great! Just as long as its not ME! Ugh! Ya religion just wants to restrict sex and make young couples nice in horny so they can make tons of cult babies and they don’t give two shits if that child suffers just as long as they get there money it makes me sick! I like the they want to put out the fire they started in the first place its TOTALLY true they want to look like heroes and to be adored and put on a pedestal its super gross and in religion oh ya that persons life is hell but if we make them a cassaroll or sing them a song in our tone deaf voice ethen say a little prayer everything will be better the next day right?! 🙂 ugh how can people reproduce when there are so many diseases and things like the holocost people like Ted bundy that could potentially get there children and cause them so much suffering that that kid NEVER sighned up for and should people like David and Louise Turpin be allowed to pop out a million and a half kids so they can torture them like seriously?! If you don’t have kids no one is harmed if you do potentially they could go through hell its NOT a dice roll I’m willing to take and I wish more people felt that way just look at how high suicide rates are I would NEVER wish my child to be suicidal so the best thing to do is never reproduce! I love how hard it is to get assisted suicide if your life is too painful so you get to do it yourself even if you never chose this shit life in the first place great! Sorry for how long this is and the bad grammer its just a subject I feel strongly about ending human suffering is very important to me thank you for this article I am glad someone cares for others and doesn’t want to force a painful life on others that shows TRUE love for mankind!

    • Thank you for taking the time to write in. I hope you will find the freedom you deserve.

      • So relieved to read here, that there are other humans who use their logical thinking rather then their genital areas for selfish stupid breeding!THOSE STUPID SELFISH IDIOTIC BREEDERS, who FORCE OUT an innocent baby here on this INSANE DANGEROUS PERVERTED filled planet, every minute!They’re the ones who DON’T care about the wellbeing of the child,only their own SELFISHNESS! Met enough of those SELFISH BREEDER IDIOTS! Their excuse everytime I ask them about WHY they had kids? They would answer, they didn’t think about the babies future only their own!
        It’s NOT us that are selfish who NEVER wanted to put an innocent child here to suffer!
        It’s those BRAINWASHED IDIOTS who are forever breeding further victims, to violence paedophiles murder sexual abuse health & mental issues..etc That’s WHY there are too many abused babies that are now DAMAGED adults!
        Mo thanks, to all the DYSFUNCTIONAL STUPID SELFISH breeding human vermin who NEVER use their own LOGIC!

    • Tatiana please adopt a street dog don't have a kid

      Just because you have aspergers does not mean your life is worthless. YOu also have depression . You need to find some SPIRITUAL NOT REL:IG|IOUS reason for your being here. COnnect with Nature it will calm you and you will feel a sense of peace and the presence of love and something greater-not a man floating in the sky-not a female either just a force for good and you surely need it.

  8. “Asian Favorite”

    True, I’m Asian. I learned from my mom that my grandparents wouldn’t stop having children until they have a boy so they can “carry on the family name”.

  9. Tatiana I look 15 years younger bc I don' have kidsl I have a dog

    Thank You for telling me how intelligent i already know that I am for living my life for Me and not giving a shit about what people think. I have travelled to 75 countries already because I wanted to travel NOT have kids and I deserve to focus on Me because my mother was one of the narcissists you talk about. I was laughing Hysterically about some of these reasons not to because they are SO FUCKING true and so fucking funny Loser: “because everyone else is doing it” LOL! and that is so right 80 percent at least of the population are moron followers. You are so fucking funny-what Asian background are you? you gotta be Chinese because they are so harsh and direct. there is no fucking way you are Japanese talking like a fucking New Yorker! You are my homie. You are so fucking funny telling off these stupid assholes I am dying laughing!!! Thank YOU for putting this on the internet. You have no fucking clue how necessary THIS IS!LMAO!

  10. Tatiana Please aopt a shelter/street dog

    And testing on animals for human benefit is also reprehensible.

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