This Is What My Haters Look Like

I don’t recommend getting into internet fights. Most people who troll on the internet are zombie-sheep consumers who have nothing better going on in their lives.

However, sometimes I enjoy riling up these motherfuckers just for the fun of it.

This past week, I commented on a public figure’s Facebook post. It was a story about an IVF sperm mix-up. Most of you who have read this blog before know my thoughts about having kids.

IVF is especially narcissistic and there’s no reason why taxpayers’ money should go toward it in the form of government subsidies, in a world with plenty of unwanted children.

So I was having some back-and-forth debate of ideas with a couple faceless people on Facebook (total waste of time by the way), which I don’t mind because as you know free speech ranks pretty high on my list of beliefs and values.

I want to say again: YOUR PRECIOUS TIME SHOULD BE DEVOTED TO IMPROVING YOUR LIFE. Not debating average sheep online. (the ONLY exception is if your goal is to make a professional living out of being a “troll”, think Milo Yiannopoulos or Mike Cernovich)

If you’ve too much time on your hands, here’s a list of things you could do:

  1. Get laid
  2. Build a business
  3. Get fit

But everyone makes mistakes from time to time, including me.

Then this guy pops up with this attack out of nowhere and calls me a “stupid little Fuck face”. (All photos in this post can be clicked to enlarge)

haters call J.K. Diego a stupid little fuck faceHis white dame (female version of white knight?) of a little friend eggs him on with “I don’t think that’s what he sees in the mirror”.

Sure, attack my ideas — I’m highly intelligent and won’t lose a debate although I prefer to spend time talking more important things with like-minded people — but since he wants to go down the Ad hominem personal attack route of discussing my attractiveness, GAME ON!

Oh well, I guess I haven’t checked the mirror recently. But let’s see how our hater friend here looks like.

sexy hater

Strong, sexy, and cute like a Bear (just paraphrasing his friends’ comments).

Here’s how disgusting my “stupid little Fuck face” is.

J.K. DiegoOne little fuck face who hit a new PR in Incline Bench this week…

J.K Diego looking like a fuck faceTwo little fuck face who doesn’t button his pants…

J.K. Diego the fuckboy in kimono

Three little fuck boys in kimono!

Don’t take yourself or anyone too seriously. Most people don’t lead terribly fulfilling lives and have no direction in life.

Pro Tip: How to deal with or troll your haters online

But if you came to this post wanting to learn how to troll your haters, I will leave you with a golden example. Since his Facebook profile’s privacy setting was set to “Public”, I couldn’t resist leaving a little love note on his latest post…

how to troll your online haters

Now excuse me while I go back to Real Life and focus on making money, getting laid, and getting ripped like a yuge fierce Bear.

Let cucks be cucks, after all the cucks in mainstream media say it’s a good thing.

“Let sleeping cucks lie.” – J.K. Diego, 2017.

I’ll see you in the next post.

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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