Erotic Fiction: Fun with the Campus Waitress in College

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Fun with the Campus Waitress in College

(Masculine Athletes, Public Threesome, and more!)

Playing competitive water polo in the varsity team representing my college involved long hours of team drills in the pool, strength training in the gymnasium and juggling the rigours of academic work. Tirelessly clocking up laps at the pool every morning, lifting heavy weights at the gym in the afternoon after lessons, and then putting in extra fitness work by myself in addition to the twice-a-day training sessions gave me a toned body. Nicely defined muscles, coupled with ultra-low body fat tend to draw the attention of the girls on campus.

Coach always emphasised on the importance of nutrition and he stressed that as athletes, we should watch our diet more than the average college kid. One of the place my teammates and I liked to frequent after training was this particular restaurant located in our campus named Steak Haven. It was one of the rare eating places that served affordable, delicious and nutritious food. We loved to eat the steak there which was reasonably priced, and the big portions provided the quality protein we needed after a tough day of training.

An added bonus was the pretty waitresses. The cute and attractive girls were usually dressed either in tight hot shorts or mini-skirts. The waitresses were chatty and friendly to us as we were regular customers, and they were mostly college students who were working part-time to finance their tuition fees. Some of us would even bump into each other on other parts of the campus sometimes.

About one month before the National Inter-Varsity Water Polo Championships, the intensity of training began to ramp up seriously. All of us badly wanted to reclaim our title of national champions that we narrowly lost the previous year. We volunteered to Coach to stay back for extra training every evening, thus sessions stretched beyond the usual timing. One Wednesday, we trained past 8pm and you could see the look of exhaustion on the faces of everyone in the locker room after that.

“Guys, who’s up for Steak Haven?” I asked chirpily, to the looks of zombie faces of my teammates.

All of them wanted to return to their dorms to study for the upcoming mid-terms examinations, spend some precious time with their girlfriends, or just plonk into bed to snooze.

“Come on…” I tried to raise the morale and rescue the situation but a few murmurs were all I got.

I surrendered and walked out of the swimming complex, thinking of getting a takeaway back to my dorm.

“Let’s go!”

I turned around and it was Alfred smiling at me. Among all my teammates, Alfred probably had the most in common with me. He refused to be emotionally tied down by a single woman, and thus did not have a steady girlfriend. But he always had a way with girls. His charming good looks, dumb sense of humour and a body that no straight lady would resist stealing a glance, all meant that he was extremely popular with the hottest sorority girls on campus.

“Awesome, bro.” I grinned sheepishly.

“Let’s go in my car. It’s faster and I’m craving for some succulent beef today.”

I looked at his shiny silver Mercedes. Alfred was a rich kid from a prestigious family.

“Alright, sounds good. I’m starving. Let’s not waste time, they close early on Wednesday.”

* * * * * * * * * *

As we arrived at the restaurant car park, I noticed that the place was deserted. Given that it was in the middle of the week with the mid-terms looming, plus the fact that we reached just before closing time, that was not too surprising. The place was usually bustling during the weekends though.

It was close to 9pm and Azalea was surprised to see us.

“Hi Martin and Alfred, nice to see you guys. I wasn’t expecting anyone to come in at this hour.”

“It’s been long since I saw you, Azalea. Are you closing soon?” I asked.

“Oh, no worries, you two will be my last customers of the day,” the beautiful waitress said reassuringly.

Azalea was my favourite girl out of all the pretty babes working at Steak House. She was a small girl, barely five feet tall (1.52 metres) and probably weighing less than ninety pounds (40kg). Although petite, she was a ball of energy, always optimistic and genuinely happy to serve her customers. Her long blonde hair and the fragrant smell of her shampoo appeared really sexy to me for some reason, and it was always a turn-on when she ran her fingers slowly through her flowing hair.

On that day, Azalea was wearing a pair of tiny blue shorts and a plain white tank top. I was always attracted to girls wearing something like that: white sleeveless shirt, low neckline, thin shoulder straps and a dark-coloured bra underneath. The simple attire had a mystic allure that drew me to her. It was as if I suddenly had the urge to flirt with her.

“So what would you two gentleman like to have today?” Azalea asked with a sweet smile on her lips as we settled down at a table in the centre of the empty restaurant.

I looked up from my chair and noticed that her bra straps were slipping off her smooth shoulders, though she was seemingly unaware of it. I wondered how it would be like to remove her bra for her…

Alfred and I looked at the menu while I sensed that Azalea was staring at me. I had caught her checking me out a few times when I came with the team. The hot waitress was not very well versed in the art of discreetly checking out guys. It was only now that it dawned on me that she would always be the one serving us when we came.

The egotistic side of me guessed that she probably liked my well-built physique or nice facial features (especially the strong jawline), maybe both.

“Well, I will have the usual rib eye steak with black pepper sauce, medium rare.”

“I’ll get the same,” Alfred chimed.

“Sure! Two rib eye steaks for our handsome hunks. Please give me a little more time than usual, I am the only one here tonight. The other girl called in sick. Must be the lack of sleep during this hectic exam period.”

“Oh poor thing, I hope she gets well soon. You take care of yourself too, okay sweetie?” Alfred could not resist being cheeky whenever there was a pretty lady.

“Aww, you’re so sweet, Alfred,” Azalea replied with a little blush.

She turned around and headed for the kitchen. Alfred and I were both fixated on her tight, round buttocks. On some nights, my fantasies involved Azalea and her cute little ass. Although her chest was not the most heavily endowed among the girls, she had a beautiful perky bottom and sweet looks that more than made up for the lack in the bosom department.

Most of the girls that I hooked up with on campus were smaller than me in stature, since I was big and muscular and had a thing for cute girls. But I had never banged a girl as tiny as Azalea. I wondered how it would be like to literally manhandle her naked body. I thought how it would feel to squeeze her firm butt cheeks. It would probably break my heart to treat her roughly or use too much force…

“She’s your type of girl, isn’t it?” Alfred said to me when Azalea was out of earshot.

“She’s the cutest and most attractive girl who works here, definitely,” I laughed.

“Well, you should have noticed that she likes you, then.” Alfred looked at me across the table with a devious gaze in his eyes, as if he was plotting some scheme.

“Are you in the mood for some fun tonight, bro?” he went on.

“I didn’t know that she’s your kind of girl as well. Oh wait, you don’t have a particular type. You go for all kinds, shapes and sizes, right?” I taunted Alfred.

“Whatever, man. So…? Are you down for it? Show me you have the balls, Martin.”

“I know what you’re thinking, damn it. Your mind is always filthy and never comes up with anything good.”

“Come on, we have nothing to lose.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“We shall see how it goes. Just go along and don’t be a spoilsport,” Alfred winked.

Alfred fiddled with his smartphone while waiting for our food to be ready. As for me, I spent the time letting my imagination go wild and fantasised about Azalea. One of my kinky fantasy is to have sex with her in the doggy position where I can put my hands on her firm, rounded butt while thrusting into her. There would be a full length mirror in front of us for me to see the beautiful expressions on her face. She would be in ecstasy, almost in a trance-like state. Placing her hands on the edge of the bed for support, she would be moaning and begging me not to stop as my thick cock fill up her tight pussy completely. Her wet pink slit and the nerves inside her vagina would be enjoying the sensations of the deep penetration that my large manhood provide.

I was getting aroused just sitting there thinking about entering Azalea from behind and the erotic view of her that the sex position would provide. I felt myself getting hard under my pants and started rubbing my hard-on through my pants discreetly, making sure not to attract Alfred’s attention. He was absorbed in his mobile phone and was totally clueless as to what I was doing.

Just as I was thinking about excusing myself to the washroom to masturbate and relive the sexual tension in my throbbing cock, Azalea came out of the kitchen with our orders. She walked over to our table with a smile.

“Two rib eye steaks with black pepper sauce on the way!” she announced gleefully like an excited, innocent young girl. The aroma of the medium rare meat was irresistible, just like the waitress herself.

“Is there any drinks or anything else you would like?”

“Nah, it’s okay. Maybe just get us two glasses of plain water. Thanks.” I said politely.

As Azalea turned away to get our water, Alfred whispered to me, “I’ll make my move when she comes back.”

Azalea quickly returned with two glasses of water. As she put down the cups carefully on our table, Alfred stood up from his chair so that he was standing just next to her.

“So what are your plans for tonight, babe?” Alfred asked, placing his hand on her right shoulder.

“Umm, I guess I am probably going back to study for the tests.”

“Martin and I were wondering whether you wanna hang out with us. We think you’re pretty cool.”

“Oh, really?” Azalea turned to face me, her face slightly blushing again. The petite girl tended to blush easily.

I looked at her in the eyes and replied, “Of course, you’re the cutest waitress around here. So you wanna just chill out with us? A little while won’t make a difference to our grades.”

Azalea inspected me from head to toe again. She clearly liked me a lot. She subconsciously licked her lips a little with her tongue. The look of the cute and innocent waitress caused my semi hard-on to instantly upgrade to a full erection.

“Yep, sure. I guess hanging out a little while won’t kill. Where do you guys want to go?”

“We could just chill here since there isn’t anyone else around,” the quick-thinking Alfred responded instinctively.

He glided his hand from her shoulder down to her tiny waist, grabbing her and pulling her closer to him. Alfred turned her around to face him and looked at her with a piercing gaze, while swiping her long flowing hair with a gentle touch. Azalea looked a little nervous but before she could react, Alfred held her chin and went in for the kiss. They kissed for a second before Azalea pulled away, looking stunned.

“Oh my goodness, what are you doing, Alfred?”

“Don’t be scared, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“But…someone might pass by and peek into the restaurant!”

I stood up to intervene. I suddenly realised that this was my chance. I had to quickly pull the trigger and not let this golden opportunity to fulfil my fantasy slip away.

“Hey, don’t worry. It’s really deserted outside. Everyone knows the restaurant is closed at this time. Who the hell would come here, right?” I said nonchalantly.

I knew she liked me and would go along with whatever I wanted. I had to show her that I was dominant.

I placed my hands on her neck, looking seductively into her beautiful brown eyes.

Azalea still seemed hesitant. She turned away, as if to consider whether to go along with the gamble. It would be thrilling for all of us to have some public fun in the restaurant.

I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck softly. My hands slowly crawled down the side of her body before I reached for the front and rubbed her groin area through her tight shorts.

She let out a soft moan, not expecting my audacity but showing no resistance at all.

I knew Azalea would be giving in to our advances and it was a done deal. She was tempted and she wanted it. She probably had not experienced anything like this in the whole time she had been working at Steak House.

I kissed her cheeks while continuing to rub her pussy. I wanted to turn her on so that she would get horny and switch off the logical part of her brain. She smelled absolutely great.

My physical escalation seemed to work as she placed her arms around my neck and went in for the kiss on my lips. We locked lips and kissed passionately as Alfred looked on. Her kiss was wet and forceful and she quickly inserted some tongue action.

“You’re a tongue girl, eh?” I teased her as I felt she was starting to loosen up.

Alfred was getting excited watching us and he removed his shirt, throwing it on the table next to ours. He also had a muscular physique that made most girls swoon.

We continued to make out furiously and with so much passion, it felt like we were a couple who had not seen each other for years. I could sense the desire in her and her lust for me. Obviously I was craving for her as well. Our sweet innocent waitress had finally revealed her naughty side.

I grabbed Azalea’s hot ass and lifted her against the table. She weighed extremely light as I expected. Her buttocks were tight and firm; she had probably spend some time working out in the gym as well. I gave her butt a nice deep squeeze.

Alfred could not wait any longer. He came to our side and caressed her back through her tank top. Then, he got under her shirt and felt her bare skin on her slender figure. Alfred lifted her tank top and she put her hands up, letting him remove her shirt with ease.

I scrutinised her figure in delight. She was a skinny girl with fair smooth skin. Her complexion was flawless. I watched as Alfred unhooked her bra. To my pleasant surprise, she had a pair of perky B-cup breasts. Her boobs were not the largest I had seen, but they were the perfect size for me.

“Bloody hell!” Alfred exclaimed at the sight of the half-naked Azalea. He reached out to touch her boobs. His hands were large enough to cup her breasts fully, as he massaged them and played with her sensitive nipples which were erected by now.

I removed my own shirt and Azalea was instantly distracted by my well sculptured pectoral muscles and full set of visible abs. I stroked her thighs, calves and the back of her knees which appeared to be an erogenous region for her.

“How does it feel?” Alfred asked as he alternated between twirling her nipples and squeezing her tits.

“Nice, nice…” she mumbled softly while squirming a little.

I stepped in and took her hands, leading her away from Alfred.

“Get down on your knees,” I commanded her as I removed my belt.

She got down on her knees obediently and watched as I removed my pants to reveal a gigantic bulge in my underwear. She pulled down my underwear with both her hands, admiring my hard on at full mast. Alfred and I watched as she gingerly licked the tip of my penis while stroking my shaft with her hand. We were damn lucky to have a submissive girl tonight.

Alfred came over and took her other hand, placing it on his crotch. Her other hand was now on Alfred’s groin, feeling and squeezing his cock through his pants.

“Hey, get your own dick out, you lazy bum,” I yelled at Alfred as I grabbed Azalea’s head and pushed it towards me. Her eyes widened as she realised what I had just done. I could not believe that her tiny mouth could accommodate the entire length and girth of my thick manhood.

By now, Alfred had his cock out. His cock was a little longer than mine, but not as thick. Like me, he was also uncircumcised and cleanly shaved. Azalea seemed to be thrilled at the prospect of another uncut cock. Maybe she had not seen how a foreskin look like on a guy’s penis before. Alfred jiggled his private parts at her face, trying to amuse himself.

“You should be a male stripper for heaven’s sake. Might as well get paid since you like doing this,” I said half-jokingly.

Azalea kept one hand on my manhood, playing with my foreskin and jerking me off with slow strokes, while she took Alfred’s penis and sucked him. I think at this point, none of us could believe that this was happening for real. This pretty waitress whom I had fantasised about on various nights, was finally getting naughty with me for real.

Alfred grasped her head to move it back and forth. It seemed like he preferred his blowjob faster. Azalea looked a little uncomfortable by the quicker rhythm but Alfred was clearly in heaven. He tilted his head backwards and rolled his eyes, oblivious that the poor girl was gagging a bit.

After ten minutes of rotating between Alfred and myself, licking our balls and sucking our dicks, Azalea was exhausted. She stopped to catch her breath, her face flushed from the excitement and exertion.

“That’s damn hot, I have never done anything like that before,” she finally managed to say after she stopped gasping for air.

I helped her to stand up and led her to an empty table. She placed her hands against the table for support as I got behind her. I fiddled with her shorts for a while before I managed to undo them, dropping them to the floor. She was wearing a pair of black panties, presumably to match her bra.

“Are you okay?” I went over to her side to check on her.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You’re freaking hot,” I said to her reassuringly before patting her head and going for the kiss again.

Not wanting to be left out of the sizzling action, Alfred pulled down her cotton panties and fingered her with his middle and ring fingers.

“Damn, you’re dripping wet!” he exclaimed as he moved his fingers in and out of her vagina repeatedly. I could tell that she was indeed soaked, from the squishy sounds her lady garden was making with each thrust of Alfred’s fingers.

I could feel Azalea’s tongue in my mouth as she kissed me vigorously and grabbed my hair. Her hand suddenly went to my arm and I realised she was gripping my forearm very tightly. Apparently she was enjoying the pleasure from Alfred’s finger action.

We stopped kissing and I looked at her amazing tight ass. It was literally on display in full view for all to see. If someone were to pass by the restaurant, he would just have to look in to enjoy the free show.

I gave the tight butt a playful slap and got behind her.

“Are you ready?” I asked, somewhat rhetorically.

She just nodded, not saying anything.

I guided my throbbing cock towards the opening of her wet pink slit. Alfred was right, she was already very, very moist at this point. She turned her head to look at me as I prepared to enter her.

“Try…to be gentle, Martin, alright?”

“Just relax. You’ll be fine, babe.”

I thrust into her tight vagina as she took a deep breath. There was a small mirror on the reception counter of the restaurant that was brilliantly positioned. I could see Azalea frowning slightly.

I started slowly before picking up the pace, getting into a nice tempo. I tried to push in all the way as far as I could. She moaned softly, almost inaudibly but loud enough for me to hear. The reflection in the mirror showed that her eyes were closed now. I still could not believe that this was happening. This was as close as I could get to my dirty fantasy.

I was banging pretty Azalea in the doggy position, giving her a really deep penetration. The tip of my penis hit her cervix so I slowed down a little to avoid causing her pain.

“How are you feeling now?” I whispered to check on her.

“Heaven….heaven…” she could barely reply me.

I decided to switch to shallow thrusts to avoid coming too soon, adding some light spanking along the way.

“Fuck, this is fucking hot!” Alfred barked as he watched on.

With me inside her, Azalea crossed one of her knee over the other. I felt the extra pressure around my shaft almost tipping me beyond the point of no return. I looked up to the mirror and saw how sexy and hot her face looked. I did not know how much longer I could hold on.

Alfred got under the table and to give her some added clitoral and labia stimulation. I could not see what exactly he was doing, but her moans got louder and unrestrained. She did not bother toning down her volume now. Coupled with my thrusts, Azalea was enjoying a wave of rippling sensations that made every single inch of her body tingle in pleasure.

“Stay still!” she cried out suddenly.

“What?” I asked in bewilderment.

“Just stay put,” she insisted.

I stopped rocking my hips back and forth. This time, Azalea was the one who did the work as she moved backwards and forwards as I watched her cute ass. I bit my lips in anticipation as the urge to come was even greater than before.

As I was about to lose control, I held her thighs and pushed her up like a wheelbarrow, with Azalea leaning on her forearms on the table. I rocked back and forth into her, releasing streams of semen into her as an intense orgasm hit me. It felt absolutely out of the world to ejaculate into her tight slit. I gave a last few thrusts as I finished and a stream of cum was dripping out of her pussy onto the ground.

I placed her back on the ground and slumped into the chair, totally worn-out. Azalea held onto the table and bent over to let my semen leak out of her drenched pussy, while she regained her composure.

She was not done at this point. She turned to Alfred and signalled to him to come over.

“Your turn, bro,” I said to Alfred.

Alfred did not seem to give a damn about my ejaculate fluids in her vagina; he was insanely turned on by this point. He got behind her and caressed her beautiful boobs for a few moments. Then, he got her to bend over again and pushed his even longer cock into her wet slit. He did not mind that his penis was now covered in some of my semen which was still inside Azalea. He got into a much faster rhythm this time, and Azalea seemed to enjoy the speed after being warmed up by me.

She moved her right hand to her clitoris and rubbed her clit in circular motions. Alfred smacked her ass as he pounded her vagina. He rubbed and caressed her lower back. Before long, Azalea experienced one of the most powerful and intense orgasm she ever had. Arching her back slightly with her buttocks clenched, she let out a huge moan with her eyes shut and mouth agape, not shy to communicate how she was feeling.

“Fuck, I’m coming too!” Alfred called out at the steamy sight of Azalea’s orgasmic face. The poor girl had to receive yet another explosion of semen as Alfred released his stream of seeds into her as well.

“Looks like someone lasted even shorter than me,” I laughed.

As their orgasm ended, they both collapsed against the table, their bodies still visibly shaking. We all laughed as a mixture of two men’s warm semen and one girl’s fluids dripped onto the ground. Not the most appropriate thing you would expect in a college campus restaurant. Azalea looked slightly revolted at the concoction of bodily juices that she had to clean up, but she gave a wide smile that betrayed the little girl’s innocent facade.

The sight of Azalea’s bouncing boobs and perky ass was the most beautiful scene I had ever seen and till this day, the steamy encounter that Wednesday night is deeply etched in my memory. Alfred and I swore never to breathe a single word about this unforgettable threesome to any of our teammates.

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