England is going to win the 2018 World Cup – My $1,000 Bet

Video transcript of my 4-minute midnight rant about the World Cup and living as a psychopath

So a couple of days ago, I sent out an email to my blog subscribers, announcing my $600 bet on England to win World Cup 2018. I also predicted that England captain Harry Kane will win the Golden Boot this year.

Well, that was BEFORE the 6-1 thrashing of Panama, by the way. After the game, I’ve increased my bet to $1,000. In fact, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, I’ve been saying this – England will go all the way. Even before the World Cup started!

Everyone is telling me I’m crazy. “Oh Diego, what the hell are you smoking?” Well, whatever, we’ll see.

Psychic, Psycho, Or Both?

You know, I’m probably the only person in the world to have correctly predicted the shocking results of the Brexit referendum, the Trump election in 2016, and this year’s Malaysia elections.

You know something about politics? Politics is predictable. So predictable. You just need to understand human behavior. That’s all. In soccer, there are a thousand variables – you can’t predict how 22 men will perform on a pitch on any given day.

Still, many people who have been following me all these while are telling me: “Come on Diego, you predicted Brexit, you predicted Trump, this and that, you’re not going to be wrong about England!”

Many people who know me are saying I’m a psychic. I’m not a normal human being, I’m a psychic. And a psycho.

Tell me, who in the blue hell calls him very high IQ and very handsome. I do that! It’s not normal. I took an IQ test and they said I was 160. That’s like the top 99.996% in the world. But I’m not a genius. I’m merely crazy.

In fact I was born a psychopath. I am a psychopath. You know they say Donald J. Trump is a psychopath? Hell yeah he is! How do I know? It takes one to know one.

Advantages Of Being Insane

To make money from soccer betting, you CANNOT be normal. That’s why I’ve invented a draw betting system, which by the way, is the greatest soccer betting system of all time on this planet. You won’t believe how much our members win every month.

All we do is bet on draws. Can you believe it? The oldest members of my teams have been following me since 2016/2017. I provide 4 to 8 picks a day for betting on draws. All we need to do is just win 1 or 2 of them daily in order to make HUGE, HUGE, TREMENDOUS profits.

50% ROI! Tell me who the hell does that. No one in the world has that – 50% ROI, every single month.

best way to beat the bookies

How is it possible? I won’t go into details here but you can read everything about it here.

Have a nice World Cup and watch England WIN!

*Right after making this video, my CRAZY prediction of the 1-1 draw between Iran and Portugal came true. Just another day at the office. HA! *

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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