Beware Of Draw Betting Copycats All Over The Internet

Almost every other week, a Team Diego copycat pops up on the internet. They always claim to be an expert or guru in picking draws – when in reality, they simply copied our soccer betting system.

The latest example is these 2 guys from Canada.

Say Hi to Dustin Wallington, a 28-year-old former semi-professional soccer player living in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, and his 19-year-old nephew Mattias Wallington.

Here is how it all started…

In June 2018, in the midst of the FIFA World Cup, I was contacted by Dustin. Nothing strange about that as I literally receive thousands of emails every month.

Note the date: 25th June 2018.

dustin email 1Our friend Dustin acted extremely enthusiastic about joining Team Diego but he claimed he was on holiday in New York City at the time and would join soon.

Red Flag #1: After a few emails, he started to turn around trying to sell me his “fitness coaching” services instead.

dustin email 2Out of the dozens of emails and messages I receive daily, a few folks end up joining Team Diego and most don’t (which is totally fine, because my betting system is NOT for everyone).

Whether you become my client or not, I have absolutely no hard feelings towards anyone.

But hold on, our friend Dustin claims to be an expert who sells fitness coaching but I don’t see any website, evidence, or testimonials of any sorts. So of course, I didn’t hire him.

dustin and girlfriend Karalee

Dustin and girlfriend Karalee

Shortly after, he introduced his 19-year-old nephew, Mattias, into the picture..

Matt, like his uncle, was extremely enthusiastic about learning how to bet on draws.

19 year old nephew mattias

Matt Wallington

Note the date of this email: it was 1st July 2018 and he was just beginning to ask me how to bet on draws. The date is significant because I’m going to show you that just 4 days later, Dustin and Matt suddenly became “experts” in draw betting with many years of successful track record. LOL.

dustin email 3Since Mattias was a broke college kid (as his uncle claimed), I decided to offer him a deal.

I would provide him 2 weeks of my draw picks in exchange for his labor. More specifically, I sent him Team Diego historical betting records from January to June 2018, enlisting his help in compiling the info into a neat excel spreadsheet.

Since my usual fees for my draw tips are $497 a month or $175 a week, I treated it as paying a kid minimum wage to help me do some simple admin/data entry work.

After about a week of extreme low-efficiency, little Matt didn’t seem to be making progress in his data entry work. As a result, I stopped providing him with my draw tips. This was when he turned nasty.

Matt got angry and gave me a little whiny lecture about how I shouldn’t stop giving him the picks. RUDE KID!

Well listen young one, if you stop turning up for work, I’m sure your boss will stop paying you. It works the same everywhere, darling.

A New Team Diego COPYCAT Pops Up Every Other Week

I ignored our two friendly friends and life went on.

At this point, I want to say this – literally every other week, there would be a new Team Diego copycat that pops up on the internet. And even though I have exchanged emails with thousands of guys online, and have many many clients from all over the world — thanks to my Top 1% IQ, I usually find out the identities of these copycats very quickly.

Like I said before, I’m the only soccer betting tipster on the entire internet who shows his handsome face. Every other self-proclaimed “guru” doesn’t show his face – they hide behind anonymity because they have something to hide. Thankfully I ALWAYS have my way to suss out their real identities VERY QUICKLY.

This week, I came across our latest copycat. NOTE THAT THEIR WEBSITE STARTED ON 5TH JULY 2018 (this can also be verified with the date that the website domain was registered).

Just four days prior, Matt was still beginning to ask me about how to bet on draws!

copycat team diegoI found out they have advertised by buying Google Ads, as well as tried to get some free advertising on Reddit (where they were ridiculed and received plenty of negative Karma, LOL).

On Reddit, they claim that they “have done this for years”. WOW!

dustin reddit failUnlike all the other copycats, Dustin/Matt are actually pretty clever. They make sure they modified the contents of Team Diego (blog posts and our historical betting records that I sent to Matt for data entry) enough such that I cannot accuse them of outright plagiarism.

Look at this blog post they wrote.

copycat blog postDoes it sound familiar? Maybe because the article was paraphrased from THIS blog post of mine.

From the tone, phrasing, structure, to some of the wordings – you can obviously tell it was taken from my May 2017 article. They just modified it enough that it doesn’t look like they stole it from me.

It was actually very easy to find out who was behind the copycat website.

dustin wallingtonDoes this “DW” look like the Dustin Wallington I have been corresponding with? His Google Plus profile has this photo (same shirt, bro!)

Note: Apologies to his twin brother, Davis Wallington, for dragging you into this.

dustin same google plus profileAs I said, Dustin is/was a former semi-professional soccer player in Canada!

Here’s proof.

dustin is a semipro soccer playerAnd I always cross-reference my sources. So here is another source.

dustin is a semipro soccer player 2I ALWAYS have a very good sixth sense of who my copycats may be. This is despite me having corresponded with thousands of guys since starting this blog in 2016.

Here’s the best part: On their “About” page, they claim to have been betting on soccer for over 20 years. This might be impossible for Matt who wasn’t even born yet, so I guess Dustin has been betting since 8 years old!

about page (wallington)Blocked on Twitter (TWICE, LOL)

Initially, I didn’t plan on writing this expos√©. After all, I encounter new copycats just about every other week. If I were to blog about all of them, I won’t have the time and energy to do anything else.

Trust me, I hate to do this to people. After all, my writing skills are so good that my blog posts consistently show up as the top result in Google. This means that future employers googling their names and government agencies doing background checks are not going to like what they read when they see this.

So to recap, looks like the Wallingtons were upset that:

1) I didn’t hire Dustin’s fitness coaching services

2) I stopped giving my draw picks to Matt

So they decided to stab me in the back by making use of my material to spin a copycat “Team Diego”.

I tried to reach out to Dustin via email as well as to Matt via WhatsApp and both of them chose to ignore me. When I reached out to them on Twitter, they blocked me. Oh by the way, I’m not sure why but they have THREE twitter accounts for their copycat website. My best guess is that they are prepared for people to report them as scam and have Twitter remove their accounts (that’s why they have multiple accounts as back-ups).

The funny thing is they only remember to block me with 2 out of their 3 accounts. LOL.

As a psychopath (in the vein of President Donald J. Trump), I was born with some unique qualities such as: not taking too kindly when people block or ignore me.

When people contact me – some guys want to be a client, most just want to ask for free tips and waste my time, others just want to drop me a note saying “thanks for inspiring me to bet on draws”. BUT, GUYS….

It’s not cool that Matt took the historical betting records I sent him and used it to set up a copycat website, pretending that they are gurus with years of successful betting experience.

I have eyes and ears all over the internet, don’t even try.

Look, I’m not saying that you can’t sell draw picks. I don’t hold a copyright for “betting on draws”, neither do I have a patent for our betting system.

BUT IF YOU MISREPRESENT YOURSELF, like saying you have YEARS of draw betting experience when your website was literally created in July 2018…. then I have a DUTY to inform my audience.

LATEST UPDATE: Dustin responds

Upon hearing that I was preparing to write this article, Dustin replied via email, initially feigning ignorance.

When confronted with the copycat website, he then tried to blame his nephew, Matt. This is our final exchange (where he is still trying to sell me his fitness services LMAO).

final responseHis pathetic attempt at deflection still fails to address 2 simple issues:

1. Why his name “DW” and photo are associated with a website he supposedly knows nothing about.

2. Why I was blocked by their Twitter accounts when I commented “Hi Dustin and Matt”.

How To Spot FAKE Soccer Betting Tipsters

Here’s a quick checklist.

1) They do NOT show their faces, instead choosing to hide behind vague/fake identities such as “we are a group of 5 experienced tipsters located in different parts of the world”. LOL.

2) They claim to have YEARS of betting experience, but the age of their websites do NOT match up (newly created).

3) They offer their services at VERY CHEAP prices to entice you to join.

As a leader in this industry – many people come to me frequently and ask me “is this tipster good” or “is that website or dude genuine” etc, and I have to give my honest answers.

Also, I think Dustin and Matt are very good looking (no homo) and should show their faces on the internet if they want to be genuine tipsters. So I’ve lent them a helping hand today, despite putting my reputation as “THE WORLD’S MOST HANDSOME SOCCER BETTING EXPERT” at serious risk.

Just like a doctor cannot stop another clinic from setting up in his neighborhood, but if he knows that the other doc is a quack with fake qualifications, then he has to inform his patients.

This is what I’m doing here.


Have a good day.

P/S: If you want to bet on draws with the REAL draw expert, this is the only article you should read.

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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  2. LOL!!! These guys were around before you! You are a scammer just talking shit

    • Dustin and Matt,

      You guys are TOTAL AMATEURS.

      If you want to leave a FAKE COMMENT on my blog, at least bother to hide your IP Address. The comment above is traced to this IP address which COINCIDENTALLY belongs to Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Source:


      (P/S: Happy belated 26th birthday to your lovely girlfriend)

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