25 Hard Truths From 25 Years Of Life

25 Hard Truths by J.K. Diego

(lessons from 25 years of life)

#1 – The 3 key things a man needs to be truly happy and satisfied are: Abundance in Health, Wealth, and Sex.

These 3 ingredients for a good life are universal – across time and cultures. Those who claim they couldn’t care less for any pillar of the holy trinity are deceiving themselves. Not building the 3 pillars to your fullest potential will assure you a life mired in regret and bitterness.

#2 – How to achieve your goals: When starting on a new goal, take your expectations for the first year and divide them by three.

Example: If you’re starting a new business venture and aim to make $1,500 per month by the end of your first year, reduce the goalpost to $500. The one-third rule makes it more likely that you will hit your short-term goal and be ENTHUSED rather than throw in the towel when you fall short.

The same applies to setting goals in your fitness life (e.g. you have 30 pounds to lose) or sex life (e.g. you want to sleep with 10 new girls a year).

Credits to GoodLookingLoser for this life pro-tip. It has helped me tremendously. And I prefer this to the mainstream “shoot for the moon, land among the stars” rubbish spouted by people who haven’t achieved anything.

#3 – Who really rules the world? The world belongs to those who play dangerously.

Be a Risk Taker. Don’t be afraid of being the Trailblazer, the Rebel, the Pioneer, the Early Adopter.

“The early bird catches the worm” is a brilliant proverb. The late birds can only fight for scraps.

Cryptocurrency is the prime example of our generation. I know of guys who bought Bitcoin when it was $100 and guys who still can’t find the balls to invest in Crypto when Bitcoin is already $7,000 today.

#4 – How to be free? The only way to be truly free is to ditch the consumer mindset and adopt a producer mindset.

Living like a soulless consumerist zombie-sheep (as do 99% of Johnny Ordinary out there) is not the most fulfilling way to live your short life.

Building location-independent businesses that generate passive income is my preferred way. I rather publish and sell books that make me money on my own terms, than write for CNN or New York Times where I can be fired any moment if I say anything politically incorrect. Crazy world we live in today. BTW, my written work help hundreds of other guys make money too. Sweet.

BUT! Don’t just build ONE business, because you need to…

#5 – Have multiple sources of income. Diversify!

You don’t want to be held hostage by being over-reliant on ONE source of income. Generally it’s better to have 3 separate revenue streams bringing you $1,000 each, than to have 1 big thing earning you $3,000.

ALSO! Trust me, social media companies are evil motherfuckers. Never, never, ever build your brand or business on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Building your business on someone else’s business or platform isn’t a smart thing in the long run because:

(a) You don’t own any shit, it’s their platform after all (OWNERSHIP IS KEY), and

(b) They only care about their own businesses, not yours. Good luck trying to make them give 2 fucks about your business.

#6 – Politicians are full of bullshit. Governments are full of evil.

Don’t try to name me exceptions.

The only good politician is the one who’d actually reduce the scope/power of government (and return liberty to the people) when he gets into power. No such person exists!

#7 -Should you get into debt? Don’t be fucking stupid.

High Ticket Expenditures and Long Term Commitments should be treated like syphilis and gonorrhea. Don’t make decisions that will require you to slog the next 30 years to pay for. STAY AWAY!

Also – higher education is a Ponzi Scam. If you think spending $50,000 (or more!) to obtain a piece of certificate to hang on your wall is a good idea… BIG MISTAKE!

#8 – Pick a lifestyle, not a job/career.

“But Diego, I want to be a doctor. I have to go to college.”

Fine, then. That’s an exception but the bigger point is… most of society have gotten it wrong/reversed. They tell you to pick a job or career, when in reality you should be choosing a lifestyle.

First, decide what kind of lifestyle YOU want (i.e. what will give YOU the greatest amount of long-term happiness) and then reverse engineer what you need to do to get there.

Make a 5-year plan and get to work.

REMEMBER: What YOU want might be totally different from what society tells you to want. Example: I value freedom, autonomy, free time, and above all — my health & happiness.

#9 – Marriage sucks if you are a man. BAD DEAL!

Yes, it does. Despite what Societal Programming and Disney brainwashing have you believe.

Marriage is a religious, political, and social construct that goes unquestioned by modern society despite overwhelming statistics proving it doesn’t work. Accept it – it’s outdated. If I tell you something has a 50% chance of giving you cancer, most of you will run the fuck away from it. But presented with evidence that marriage will screw more than 50% of men, guys don’t listen.

Just ask the millions of men who have first-hand experience of being divorce-raped by the very unfair family courts! So you still want to invite the state into your personal life to draft a legal contract for you?

#10 – If you don’t PARTICULARLY want kids, it means you don’t want them.

I knew from an early age that I never wanted kids. Unfortunately most people just reproduce for the sake of reproducing, going with the flow and trying to meet stupid expectations that society placed on them.

Most people who REALLY want kids would have instinctively known it from a young age. If you’re 25-years-old and still undecided, you will probably end up having kids for all the WRONG and SELFISH reasons.

Trust me, many people will want to argue with me on this topic because human beings can’t help committing post-choice rationalization.

#11 -Treat your body like a temple: MAX OUT your attractiveness when you’re young. Then MAINTAIN it.

Not everyone is born good-looking, but almost everyone has the potential to look good.

The world is superficial, deal with it. Left-wing cucks can’t accept REALITY, but there are countless benefits for your personal/professional life if you look good.

You also want to look younger than your biological age. My goal is to look like how I am today (or even better) when I’m in my 30s. And then look like I’m in my 30s when I’m in my 40s and 50s.

J.K. Diego

Me drinking the blood of virgin babies to preserve my youth and vitality. Just kidding.

#12 – Treat your mind like a monk: Eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression.

These silent killers have become pandemic in today’s world. Mental health is absolutely important and you should not neglect it.

Don’t underestimate the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression on your hormones, physical health, and eventually YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

#13 – Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate: Don’t waste precious time arguing/debating (read: intellectual masturbation) anyone on anything.

You’re not going to change anybody’s mind.

And if you do, is there a fucking prize?

#14 – As Floyd Mayweather Jr says, “I am where I am because I focus on Floyd.”

So focus on yourself. Life’s too short for toxic people, drama queens, or energy vampires. Cut them out because only idiots have time for idiots.

“But Diego, nearly everyone in my city is an idiot!”

You can always find other like-minded people,who share similar values and goals, outside your geographic boundaries and maybe learn a thing or two from them.

The more you become successful, the more you don’t feel the pressure to conform to stupid shit. These days, I only have time for high quality, intelligent people.

#15 – Are ALL drugs bad? If you think drugs are “bad”, you have been brainwashed.

There is no liberty without cognitive liberty. Governments ban drugs to control what you can do with your mind and what experiences you are allowed to access. Banning drugs = attempts at mind control!

Unfortunately, too many people believe in half-truths and outright lies because…

#16 – The mainstream media are some of the stupidest (and slimiest) people in the world.

Beware of FAKE NEWS polluting your minds.

Be very discerning of what you consume, and how much of it to believe.

Always question: What is this person’s or that organization’s agenda for telling me this? What do they want me to believe? Why?

#17 – Life is a giant “NUMBERS GAME”.

Whether it’s wealth or sex, money or girls – remember that it’s all a Numbers Game.

Salesmen understand this.

Prostitutes lurking on Tinder understand this.

Nigerian lottery email scammers understand this.

Telemarketers who engage in annoying cold-calling understand this.

You gotta play the numbers, face plenty of rejections, in order to get what you want. Rejection is good. When people who dislike you let you know they dislike you, you should thank them. Because then you can tell them to fuck off, saving you precious time that can be spent on other leads.


#18 – Polarization is key. Conflict is good.

When you’re offending people, you’re doing it right. Haters are always people who are below your level. Nobody above you will take the time and energy to hate on you.

Many great figures in history have always been polarizing. People either LOVE them, or HATE them.

Playing “safe” and trying to be a Goody Two-shoes that appeal to everyone? BORING!

#19 – Nobody really gives a shit about you – FACT!

People always think everyone gives two shits about them – WRONG. That’s the spotlight effect in play. The “spotlight effect” is the tendency to think that more people notice something about you than they do. In reality, most people are too busy dealing with their own nonsense.

So by the same measure, don’t give a shit about them!

Just DO WHAT YOU WANT. Always.

#20 – Whatever you’re thinking of doing, the best time to start was last year. The second-best time? NOW.

100% of the time you’d wish you started earlier.

Believe me, there’s no “perfect” time to start something.

Either you want to do it, or you don’t. If you don’t want to do it, then pick any excuse from your toolbox. If you want to do it, DON’T WAIT.

#21 – Social media is a fucking waste of time.

Unless you’re making money from it. But even so, remember Point #5?

NEVER build your brand or let your business be over-reliant on social media. Facebook and Zuckerberg are the new despots in the 21st century.

#22 – What is good/functional for society (as a whole) is NOT good for you.

Society doesn’t want you to maximize your personal happiness.

It is in society’s interest to keep you a docile, compliant zombie-sheep that exists only to play its part in keeping society functioning smoothly.

#23 – There ain’t such a thing as “creepy” dudes, only ugly dudes.

SHHHHHH, I just exposed the BEST KEPT SECRET of third-wave feminists!

Make sure you take Point #11 seriously. Otherwise you’re condemned to a lifetime of being labelled “creepy”, or worse, “sexual harasser”. Ask Harvey Weinstein, he knows.

#24 – You are running out of time… BUT you have plenty of time.

It’s not a contradiction. Whether you think you’re “too late”, or “still have plenty of time” — BOTH ARE TRUE.

I got this wonderful formula from Gary Vee:


Move fast and work hard towards your goals on a daily basis. At the same time: Retain your big picture sense of perspective, Rome isn’t going to be built in a day!

#25 – Never lose perspective.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone.

Mark Zuckerberg became a millionaire at age 22. Donald Trump became President at age 70. Satoshi Nakamoto may one day be worth a trillion dollars but no one knows if he is even alive to enjoy it.

Your life, your timeline. Fuck other people’s timeline.

Did I miss out anything? Which is your favorite hard truth? Which one am I totally WRONG about? Let me know in the comments.

I’ll see you in the next post.

Live Free Or Die,
J.K. Diego (JKDGO.COM)

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  1. Nice article.

  2. Dear Diego all this is very brilliant, a person like me who just landed on your web on Saturday, how do I benefit from your daily picks?

  3. J.K. Diego I like your style you just tell it how it is. I gotta give you props man for making this website and helping others achieve your success.

    Your 25 hard truths are interesting, I agree as well as disagree with some of them. I could not find you on Instagram but after reading this article I assume its because of point #21.

    Social media sites are a good way of advertising and promoting businesses, so why do you see it as a bad thing?

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